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Why most men cannot handle the female empaths

Dating a female empath could be difficult. Most female empaths find it hard finding love and keeping a relationship. Ironical is not it? yes.

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Dating a female empath could be difficult. Most female empaths find it hard finding love and keeping a relationship. Ironical is not it? yes. Empaths possess some of the best traits anyone can wish for in a partner. They are charming, kind, compassionate, loving, one of the best partners ever because they give their heart completely to the ones they love.

Why then is it that men find it hard to handle them and make most of their relationships to last barely? Well, empaths are extremists, they take things too deeply making mountains out of molehills, and they are pretty intense. This breeds issues and makes it difficult for them to have a lasting relationship. This is usually hard on them as they greatly desire to be loved and cherished.

However understanding a female empath, is the key to getting the best relationship ever. Let us look more deeply on why it is difficult for men to handle female empaths ;

 Their Honesty:

The female empath does not dabble with words. She is always obligated to tell the truth, and sometimes this could be detrimental to her partner. Also, she is very open. If she does not like something, she will not hesitate to let her man know. She feels it will make him understand her feelings and make them a better couple. Well, most men do not like it when you hit them with the truth at times. This can leave them feeling irritated like she is always acting self-righteous. Though she does not mean to hurt others with her honesty, she cannot help but be honest because it is her nature.


As stated earlier, empaths, especially females, are pretty intense. They take everything to the extreme so that things can be slightly exaggerated sometimes. This woman, when she loves she does it with all her heart, not wanting any issues to spring up, so she tries to be perfect for her man. She pampers him, surprises him constantly, makes him her number one. She would be into him completely. Most men confuse this for “overzealousness “. They would find such kind of love choking and confusing because she is all over them. Though do they know she is in love, they would feel she is obsessed and would want a breathing space. They may not be able to handle the deep intensity of her love so they would quit.

She Questions Everything:

Female empaths are highly intelligent, intuitive and observant. They want to know how, where, when, everything. Every single detail is of interest to them. They could sometimes ask questions, again and again, to be double sure. They do this because they give their trust easily; therefore, they want to be sure if they should give something the benefit of the doubt. This habit can be very irritating to the menfolk, and they feel bored with numerous questions. Most times, they want to go straight to the point, avoiding details. This is another reason why many men find it hard to understand the talkative nature of female empaths.


As an empath, this woman reaches out completely to the one she loves. She cannot be in a relationship if her heart is not with the person. Double dating for her is a No-No. She will be exclusive once she is committed to you; it shows in everything she does. she shares her plans, life goals with you. and wants a future with you not just something mere. This scares many guys because most are in for fun and non-serious commitments. They also do not want one who traps them down with exclusivity. Most men are usually not into future commitments immediately. They believe in testing waters before finally diving in.


She is a dogged fighter; once she loves someone, she never let go. Sometimes this could be very detrimental to her self and her partner because she begins to do “just anything” to make it work. Aside from the fact that it makes her seem disposable, it is also bad for the male ego, as most men do not want to be caged. This makes such a relationship very difficult. It is usually devastating for the female empath when she finds out that what she has put so much hope on may not work eventually. This is something she has to work on.


They have worked so hard on themselves that they are mostly independent. Since empathy is about understanding, respecting other people, empaths have trained themselves to the extent that they do not want to be a burden to other people, they hate that. Instead of bugging people, they want to help them. This is quite an issue because most men like to take charge, they want to be in control, and they want to take care of their partner. Female empaths will find it difficult to give total control of their world to their partners because they are used to helping themselves, and they will not want to be a burden.

They Try To Fix People:

Most empaths have this unique gift of seeing through people and knowing how they feel. This is why many are so drawn to them. They are those who naturally seek to solve peoples problems. They bring this trait to their relationships too. Most female empath will want to change their partners. If you are slobby, they would want you to be neat, and if you are always late, they stimulate you to go earlier. Most guys detest this, yes they know to want to be better people, but they do not need someone who constantly acts like their mama, reminding them all the time on the need for good diets, earliness, blah! blah! blah!. Though this is well-intentioned, it is highly irritating and a turn off for men.

They Struggle To Let Down Their Emotional Guard:

Empaths are very emotional beings. Since they understand people very well, they know how painful it is to be hurt, so they avoid it as much as possible, putting up guards to protect their fragile hearts. They are very vulnerable to love and are so trusting. Falling in love with the wrong person can shatter them completely. This is why sometimes, they find it hard to let down their emotional guard because they fear rejection and do not want to be hurt. This makes them seem emotional and act weird. Men may think like they act strange and emotionless. It is just a way of protecting their hearts.