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Why Empaths Often Freeze Around Fake People.

Some inauthentic people come across our lives every day; they’re coming off in different ways. Although they seem normal from the outside, one thing is certain about these fake people; they come with bad and negative intentions.

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Some inauthentic people come across our lives every day; they’re coming off in different ways. Although they seem normal from the outside, one thing is certain about these fake people; they come with bad and negative intentions. Fake people always try to present themselves to be saints and very nice to others, just to be accepted for who they are not. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Behind the mask is who they truly are. They put on the mask every day, and wherever they go, so that the real personality doesn’t emanate or burst out because they know if their real nature shows, then doom awaits them.

Empaths are sensitive to energies and emotion; this makes them struggle when they are around fake or inauthentic people. For other people, someone who is fake can camouflage or fake his or her personality, but an empath knows fake people when they come around. The mask can’t cover the real person when an empath is there.

An empath sees through people’s energy, and that seems to be their strength because they thrive and feel fulfilled when they help others get over their pains. For some good reasons, an empath can’t stand fake people or thrive around them. When an empath is around someone who is inauthentic, there are a lot of anomalies happening with the empath.

The empath tends to struggle, feel conflicted and perturbed, and empaths hate to feel that way. These feelings are directly opposite of how an empath feels when he is around genuine people, even when you seem to be broken, the strength that flows through the empath makes you come alive and fills you up with hope and believe you can get through whatever turmoil you are facing.

7 Reasons Why Empaths Often Freeze Around Fake People.

Waste of Energy.

Empaths are full of energy, and of course, they use a lot of it when they are around other people. You might wonder why it is a waste when they stay around fake people. This is a simple explanation for it; when empaths expend their energy around others, they end up healing them. Doing this even makes them happy because they thrive in healing others. Meanwhile, when they are around fake people, those people don’t want to be helped, the struggle, therefore, is for nothing, being caught up in this situation ends up making an empath feel so drained. You know that is the result of using a resource in the wrong ground. After all, fake people just want to use empath’s kindness to gain advantages for themselves.

Empaths are so real.

I might not be making any mistake if I say empaths are the most real people out there. When you check the lifestyles of empaths, you can deduce that they seem to be good to a fault. They take up other people’s issues, even more seriously than their own problems. They are true to their words, and it aligns with their actions. When empaths finally come across people who carry a different message, it weighs them down. This is not about the individual’s personality; the problem is trying to forge a personality that differs from the main one.

 The empath is aware of their original intentions.

An empath, by a mere glance at someone, discerns that person’s intentions. When someone decides to fake his or her personality, automatically it means their intentions are toxic. Although it’s not always like this, it’s no different for empaths who always value authenticity. Inauthentic people want to be accepted for who they are not, and this attitude freaks an empath out.

 They make empaths feel uncomfortable.

As I said before, staying around fake people can make empaths develop some unusual and uncomfortable feelings. An empath and a fake person are just like parallel lines that can’t meet at any point. The empath feels restless and disturbed around someone who is fake. Probably, it is the genuine nature of the empath that kicks against the inauthentic nature around fake people.

Even for every other persons, sometimes, when someone comes around you, and your spirit rejects the person’s vibes, you tend to have some strange feelings. There might not be a wrong thing the person did, but, your mind doesn’t just connect with that of the person. It happens with virtually everybody, how much more it affects empaths who are hypersensitive, their being naturally kicks against someone who is detestable.

They get the empath confused.

One of the things about fake people that confuse one most is; having mixed feelings. The empath sees one thing but feels a totally different thing. This ends up putting the empath at sixes and sevens. At the end of being with such a person, the empath might end up achieving nothing, because the sight and the feelings are two different things.

The best thing for the empath to do in this case is to EXIT THE PLACE because it might just end up being a waste of time and energy. You can’t help someone unless the person gives a clue of what troubles him or her, a fake person can just give the wrong information, and this renders every effort put in to help the situation futile.

Empaths are insecure.

The basic ability of an empath is to feel, so, there are tendencies of the empath being carried away in the act of conforming. Most of the times, empaths try to go against the influence of their nature to avoid being used. But, the truth is that the essence of being an empath is to be open, so, in a way, they go against their original purpose, which is really painful for them.

 It doesn’t make any sense to the empath.

For the empath, being around fake people is of no essence. Being with people who have genuine problems gives empaths something to uncover and work on. But when it is not genuine or fake, to the empath there is no need for expending the time and energy because originally, the intent or even the so-called problem is not real. Doing this troubles the empath because he or she is confused as to why one comes up with the idea of forging or faking a different personality.