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Surprising Reasons Why Empaths Attract Toxic People.

empaths attract the wrong and toxic people like a magnet. This is enough to break them down

5 Surprising Reasons Empaths Attract Toxic People

More often than not, empaths attract toxic people or people who tend to take advantage of their leniency and kind heart. Do you know the reasons, guys?Well, empaths tend to give people the benefit of the doubt, they trust people, they want the best for others, they often apologize when they feel they have gone wrong, they take responsibilities for their actions and so on.

Having these qualities might not just be the assurance that you attract people who will only return the favour. In fact, empaths attract the wrong and toxic people like a magnet. This is enough to break them down, but they survive it because they have found themselves and need no good in return to be good.

Though not everyone is a narcissist or sociopath, many people are toxic, so it’s worthy to note that if you are an empath, you should approach them with caution.

Empaths are so good at Ignoring their issues, and it’s not because they’re ignorant or lazy. On the contrary, they always busy trying to heal other people, making great efforts to keep people happy at their own expense. Empaths are weird, even when they have issues they want to talk about or when they have issues to heal from, they neglect and overlook it most of the times. Instead of taking care of themselves, they concentrate on others, making sure they have no worries. Unfortunately, this very attribute may attract toxic people anywhere you go.

Empaths always take responsibility for their actions.

Not everyone is willing to show remorse for the things they have done wrong, said wrong, and so on. Empaths are ever ready and willing to apologize whenever they feel they have done something wrong swiftly. They are so concerned about the feelings of other people that they can throw away the necessary respect and honour that is due them in their quest to ensure there are peace and unity. This is why anyone who relates to an empath is always confident the empath would come back to show remorse and make peace. Therefore, empaths are the perfect target for narcissists and toxic people as they can always them whenever things are going south

Take responsibility for other people’s actions.

And yet another reason why empaths are taken advantage of unduly. An empath can go to the extent of even apologizing when he or she is not wrong. Whenever an empath sees an anger expression in the other person’s face, he or she feels the fault is from them ( the empath). In short, most times, when people know you are an empath, they intentionally go wrong sometimes, yet claim to be right, because they know you cannot survive the atmosphere of problems. They know empaths long for peace and crave it with all their being.

Empaths tend to hijack other people’s problems.

Having that innate desire to make sure others are happy, empaths can go to the extent of buying your problem and hanging it all around them. In school, sometimes you see they are the ones running around to make sure other people’s assignments are done. They even cheat in the exam halls just for other people to pass, they endanger themselves for the sake of others.

You attract broken people.

Every act and move an empath do always sends a message that they are so open to helping others. Maybe in meetings or whenever there is a gathering, the way they talk, or their contributions in a meeting tends to be so kind and protective. If deliberation is made to punish someone or people or someone who erred, the words an empath speaks are words of atonement; they try to protect the person(s) who broke the rule(s). That is how empaths are; they attract people who are not in the best state of mind very quickly.

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You are very sensitive.

This feature is innate. An empath does not want to see anybody in pain. Some empaths might feel some physical symptoms coinciding with what others are going through. For instance in a movie scene, if someone is bullied, or there is extreme violence, an empath might just break down to tears, or even leave the room to avoid the scene where someone has to go through pains knowing they can offer no help.

They believe others are as decent, good and fair as they are.

Empaths trust people as easy as anything. They think everyone else has good intents just like they do. This makes them give their trust to virtually anyone whom they come across. This even becomes worse when the person forms to be excellent at first.

Empaths are often convinced with the first approach; they never take time to scrutinize the authenticity of people they come across. They do not look out for fake friends; they believe everyone comes around for good. Because of this, most times, they end up shattered when they get to understand that the toxic person just happened to exploit their kindness.

They feel they can fix every problem.

Empaths drop a lot of responsibilities upon themselves, even those that are beyond their capacity. They are just so concerned about fixing it, yet when they have gotten to their yielding point, they break themselves hard.

Empaths do not believe in letting go of any issue without it being unsolved. This makes some people bringing their problems to empaths and then withdrawing themselves. Then it is just the empath against the problem.

They are Givers.

We can say that givers attract takers. Just like the physics rule states “Like terms repel, Unlike terms attract”. This is just right when it comes to why empaths attract toxic people. Probably this also leverages on the saying that variety is the spice of life. There might even be more negative effects if empaths attract empaths. Empaths give in everything without sparing, be it money, time, attention, or love.

Empaths do not want to go below what they are known for.

Empaths are known as the healers of the society; they understand that and never want to go below par. This goes bad sometimes because it makes them poke nose into the businesses of others which they should not just do. They believe it is their responsibility to make everyone happy. Sometimes it just looks like they are problem Scouters, then they fall into the wrong people most of the time.

Well, those are the 10 surprising reasons why empaths attract toxic people.

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