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What Is a Rainbow Child and The 6 Signs You Might Be One

What is a rainbow child, and the signs that indicate you might be one? These are some of the questions…

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What is a rainbow child, and the signs that indicate you might be one?

These are some of the questions that may be running through your mind right now after hearing about the concept of a rainbow child.

Hence, you’re searching for answers.

Truthfully, many people really don’t know about rainbow children, let alone the signs that tell someone is a rainbow child.

For this reason,  here’s what a rainbow child is and the sign that indicates you might be one.

What Is a Rainbow Child?

A Rainbow child is the next generation of star children that will help us understand our higher selves, in which we will be able to connect with the higher realm and experience unconditional love.

A Rainbow Child is a bridge to our true selves that will unravel in the future when we successfully coexist in the new world peacefully.

Furthermore, rainbow children are wise and compassionate, especially when they have no karma that needs to be paid off.

So, they can wholly devote their existence to serving humankind.

They’re born with a huge heart, and negative emotions don’t impact them that much because they’re quickly recovering.

Even more, they naturally radiate a strong positivity in addition to their caring and compassionate nature.

If you ever wonder that you might be one of them, you better be paying attention to these signs.

1. Functional family.

This is one of the signs that indicate you might be a rainbow child you should look out for.

If you’re a rainbow child, you must have a functional family because you have no karma previously.

So you’ll be born into one loving and peaceful family.

You’ll grow up in a well-balanced home, supportive and free from dramas, so you’ll be able to flourish your soul purpose easily.

2. Loving and forgiving.

You possess a ‘loving and forgiving nature. This happens because your awareness is heightened, so you can’t hold onto negative emotions, such as hatred, anger, or even resentment.

3. Telepathic and empathic.

Being telepathic and empathic is also one of the signs indicating you might be a rainbow child.

If you’re a rainbow child, then you’ll be able to communicate through the power of thought-form.

You also most likely will start talking when you’re two or three years old.

This happens because you don’t need to talk.

Then, slowly you’ll realize that not everyone has the same ability as yours, so you will start communicating with your voice so that others can hear you.

4. Fearless.

It’s an additional sign that you’re indeed a rainbow child.

You’ll be fearless because you know that you’re being protected, and you can also trust the spirit and the angelic realm to support you in doing your job on this earth.

5. Creative Healing.

If you are attracted to colorful surroundings or brightly colored clothes, you might be one of the rainbow children.

You need to understand that a rainbow child is insanely creative and naturally attracted to natural healing techniques.

Thus, if you can do color therapy, you can consider yourself as a rainbow child.

6. Passionate, purposeful, and persistent.

If you feel that you have a total focus and determination to do something good for others, which is often mistaken for stubbornness or impatience by others, it can be a sign that you’re a rainbow child.

As a rainbow child, you know your soul is missing without it, and you will not let anything distract you from fulfilling them.