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Ways To Tell If Someone Was In Your Past Life.

You meet someone for the first time, and it feels like you have known that person from your past life….

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You meet someone for the first time, and it feels like you have known that person from your past life. You easily connect with such a person; this is what past experiences can do for someone- bringing people who have unfinished business in their past life to the present.

According to psychics, most of the people we have in our lives now have a past life connection. Here are six ways to tell if someone was in your past life.

Meeting them causes a reaction in you.

Getting in contact with someone from your past life will cause a reaction. This reaction can either be good or bad. You might not know why you are having that reaction, but it is just there. That is why sometimes you meet someone for the first time, and you like or hate them instantly. But not minding how your reaction will be, the fact is there will always be a reaction when you meet someone from your past life, and it is never going to be neutral.

You are enormously attracted to them.

People you have encountered before in your past lives can come differently. They can take the form of a friend, neighbor, or even take a sibling form. The only way you know that this person has been a part of your previous life is the strong connection between you and the person. This connection isn’t a must that it must be positive. The reconnection of these souls together means that they still have some unfinished business to work out and things you still need to learn from each other.

It is like love at first sight.

The experiencelo everyone,
S of love, at first sight, is a vital sign that you had a connection with a person in your past life. Some schools of thought believe that there is no such thing as “love at first sight” but rather “love at first memory.” This means that when you feel you experience love at first sight, it is the memory with a past life recall of the other person. This means that they most likely were in love with each other in the past life.

Your energy doesn’t match with their role in your life.

When we reincarnate, we travel in the same group of souls. The only difference is that, for each time a person reincarnates, they play a different role from the role they played in their past life. That is, this life, you can be a parent to your child, and in the next, your child becomes your parent.

When this happens, you can hear someone say that they feel like their parent in their child. This shows a strong connection between the two of them, and this connection is from their past life.

You can easily pick up your friendship from where you left off.

There are some friends which you have, that even if you don’t speak to each other for a long time, once a connection is established between the two of you, you instantly connect and make it seem like you never parted ways. This is a strong indication that you have a past life connection with such a person.

The use of the astrological birth chart.

This is one of the best ways in which people find out people they being within their past life. Through Astrology, all past life connections are seen clearly. This is mostly handled by a part of astrology known as “synastry,” which compares two or more birth charts. This is mainly used to see the possibility of two partners being together.