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Understand Your Ability

Ways To Set Boundaries as an Empath

The impression that as an Empath, you need to protect yourself from other people’s unwanted energy does not put it to somebody you are incapable of handling it. It does not suggest that you are a washed-up victim.

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The impression that as an Empath, you need to protect yourself from other people’s unwanted energy does not put it to somebody you are incapable of handling it. It does not suggest that you are a washed-up victim. So stop speaking about the need to shield yourself and start standing in your power. Spell out and honour your boundaries, and you won’t need the ‘bubble of light.’ That position that buttresses the story that you are “too sensitive” or “too much” should not dwindle your tenacity but instead, make you come out as the superhuman that you truly are.

So what can you do to build up your will, build your confidence, and be the great person you were born to be? see yourself as capable. You cannot let society or your fears determine who you are and how you show up, you get to choose. You can sit down, stay silent and play small or you can stand up, be bold, and get to work partaking in the kind of life you desire. Once you have a commanding perception, you can then set healthy limits.

Here are some aspects to consider setting those limits in;

Living Environment

Your living (and work) environments matter big time. As an Empath, you need things to be systematized and well-organized. Disorder and pandemonium are not helpful in your homes or on your desks. You have a say in how these things go. Though it is much stress-free if you live alone and work from home even if there are other people to consider, let them know how significant it is to your happiness to have these things remain systematic. Get them to assist out or at minimum respect the ‘rules’ for your space.

Crowd Management

You cannot discharge them so learn how to be bad ass in crowds. If your standard method is to use the bubble of protective light or have a few drinks to blur your senses, this is where you will want to pay attention. Have you ever observed how Wonder Woman and Superman always have their superhero suits on underneath their regular clothes? You have similar superhuman gifts so why wouldn’t you also have these suits on all the time? I think you do.

Get the power you need and own it.

You should stop trying to be regular and rip off the proper clothes and use your capabilities to their fullest capacity.Your super suit is not there to defend you but to develop your abilities as an Empath. You can stand stable, lean in, and listen to the cries of people in need.The trick here is to use sensitivity. You are not here to save the whole world. People do not want to be protected nevertheless. People want to be seen and received. Choose who you are willing to see and welcome in the crowd and do not worry about the rest.

Food and Drink

You are familiar with the saying, “you are what you eat?” For you as an Empath, this is real. Your body does not only absorb the nutrients (or toxic load) of the foods you eat but their energy as well. There might be something about the energy of a particular food that does not bring into line with your body. Learn to honour your body’s boundaries and not be peer-pressured into taking part in something just because everybody is doing it.


If ever there is a place you, as a sensitive person needs boundaries, this is it. You get caught up in the feelings of other people. You take their junk on as your own. You do not want them to struggle or feel pain and so you give yourself over to every notion of your partner or kids. That is not justifiable because when you get exhausted you tend to withdraw or strike back in an unhealthy way. You feel used up and desecrated as if your needs are not significant.

To have a happy, healthy relationship you need to set clear boundaries.Start with knowing your principles. When you get flabbergasted it is usually because one of your principles is in danger. From your values, you can set boundaries that are life and relationship affirming.

Television and Technology

As good as these are for connection, they can as well corrupt your ambiance. A great way to relax and spend time, is by watching movies with your lover, but if the movie is full of ferocity you are possibly not going to get the dopamine and Oxycontin hits. You are more likely to feel like you are receiving hits in the face or gut or whatsoever body part is being smashed up in the film.

This is also applicable to technology. Your laptop and phone can put the world at your fingertips. But are hiding out behind a screen can make you miss some vital connections that are possible with the people you sincerely want.

Time Management

It is said that time is the most precious resource you as an Empath have but on the other hand, attention is because time is happening beyond your control whereas your attention is within your control.How you manage your attention will impact how your time gets spent. What are you putting your attention on the most throughout your day? Remember, where attention goes, energy flows.Are you focused on something that is missing? Does what other people think bothers you? Is your energy trapped in situations that are far beyond your control? You can actually set boundaries for where your thoughts and energy could go?

You are a sensitive person and do not need to protect yourself. You have the option to turn your sensitivities into superpowers. When you come out of hiding, state and honour your boundaries then you will be living with more clarity, confidence, and the kind of direction that takes you to a whole other dimension.