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The 10 Types of Empath

Empathy is the ability to understand and feel the emotions of others. It means putting oneself in the shoes of…

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Empathy is the ability to understand and feel the emotions of others. It means putting oneself in the shoes of others, allowing yourself to know what they feel, their pains, and weaknesses. In this article about types of empath, we shall be discussing the set of people who show empathy; they are emotionally intelligent and very intuitive individuals who have this special gift of reaching out to others.

They are one of the most loving personality.

Types of empath cover the speciality of functions of empaths. They come in different shades, flavours and blends, all determined by other temperaments yet displaying their unique gift of empathy.

Types of empath include:

Intuitive Empaths:

These are empaths who get information about people only by being around them.
As they relate with a person, they get to know the challenges and difficulties the person is facing.
They do not have to be told this before they decipher what is what and what’s not.

Geometric Empaths:

These are also called Environmental Empaths. These empaths can receive signals and energy about their physical environment.

They find a deep connection and sensitivity to certain places and things. If something terrible like a flood, is about happening, they feel this discomfort and unrest.

Geometric empaths are naturalists; they love and preserve nature. They are firmly against destroying anything natural, and they spend a lot of time outdoors too.

Fanna Empaths (Types of empath):

They are also called Animal Empaths.

As one of the types of empath, this set of people are so drawn to animals. They can relate to them so well, and such a strong bond exist between them. Sometimes it seems as if they speak and hear their language. To them, animals are their special friends.

Fanna empaths are firmly against maltreatment and indiscriminate killing of animals for food or sports. For them hurting a fly is like a sacrilege. Most of them spend their lives doing animal-related jobs.

Plant/ Flora Empaths:

They are plant oriented; they love greens, their hands are tender loving and nurtures living things.
They love to grow things as it gives them so much joy.

They feel refreshed in the gardens, parks or other natural environments. They seem to speak and hear the language of plants and know just what they need, and they spend their lives in the pursuit of this course.

Types of  empath: Spiritual Empaths :

Just as emotional empaths connect with people, the physical world, they connect with the spiritual world. They are also known as Medium Empaths.

They have a deep connection with the dead, with spirits and figures of the spiritual world, they could be so attuned with the spiritual that though they are present in the physical, their minds are far away, relating with the world beyond. They serve as a medium between the physical and spiritual world messages relaying.

Emotional Empaths:

They are deeply affected by the feelings and emotions of others. They have this ability to connect with people, feeling what they are passing through, putting themselves in the position of others.
They are people-oriented most times they put people’s needs ahead of their own.

Physical/ Medical Empaths:

They are just like emotional empaths. They sense people’s pain and sometimes hurt even in their bodies. They are also natural healers as they can detect where need healing in a person and how to go about it.

Pre-Cognitive Empaths:

These empaths have the capacity to know what will happen beforehand. Mostly they get dreams, trance or visions of future events, good or bad alike. And they do not rest until something has been done about what they have seen.

Heyoka Empaths:

They can feel things about others, know things that are to happen about a person and sometimes change or disrupt or influence the course of events to a person’s favour.

Psychometric Empaths:

They have the ability to draw meanings and impression and get messages from objects like shapes, colours, jewelry, and symbols.