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Things Narcissists Think That Empaths Owe Them

Someone with high empathy is one who can feel whatever is inside and outside his body. They feel the emotions of others, what other people have, and what other people feel.

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Someone with high empathy is one who can feel whatever is inside and outside his body. They feel the emotions of others, what other people have, and what other people feel. Higher than sensitivity, empathy is followed by actions and not just feelings.

On the contrary, there are the narcissists, the complete opposite of empaths. Any relationship with a narcissist is a toxic one, and for some strange reason, narcissists and empaths are attracting each other. The toxic relationship between narcissists and empaths are extremely harmful because the narcissist thinks that the empath owes them a lot. While in fact, it is not this way.

Well, if you have these nine strange experiences, it could be because your partner is a narcissist.

Now onto the list:

They think you owe them attention.

What they feel in their hearts, even though everyone doesn’t know that the person is sad because he likes to joke and is always cheerful, you will immediately know that he is sad just by looking at his face, or just by sensing the vibes he gives off. It’s like you have an antenna on the emotions and feelings of others.

Narcissistic people have zero ability to do this as they’re highly ignorant of others; all they ever think of is themselves. Therefore, they need you to help them read other people’s emotional states, which often leads to something bad as a narcissistic person always has evil plans to take all the credit in the end for themselves. Furthermore, the narcissists don’t allow you to pay attention to others unless they told you to do so, they want all your attention just for them.

Narcissists think the empaths owe them good interactions with people as you’re polite and kind.

When you will cross the road or when you have to take or release something, you know very well whether it’s appropriate or not. You have a strong instinct for everything you do, and you are used to using it in everything you do.

You tend to be more polite and friendly than others. And it’s not because you’re acting nice, but because you’re genuine. However, narcissists, they’re doing everything for themselves; good things, bad things, acting nice, they do so for the sake of satisfying their own needs. When you’re with a narcissist, you automatically owe them fulfilling their needs.

They think the empaths owe them their sight about other people.

In other words, you have a hunch about the nature and character of others even though you don’t know them. Usually, this happens instantly. You will immediately know whether the person you are acquainted with is good or bad, what their motives are, you will know them all. Your conscience tells the truth.

The narcissists think that you owe them your power, they need you to judge the situation for them. Furthermore, if the judgement turns out wrong, you’ll be the one who takes the blame.

They think the empaths owe them sensitive feelings.

Sometimes, people think you’re too sensitive even though you don’t feel that way yourself. You only do what your heart wants, and others think it’s too soft. Don’t listen to what other people say; it’s not your weakness, that’s where your strength is.

However, in the eyes of the narcissist, you’re surprisingly weak, hence, makes you the best target for them. They can play with your sensitive feelings, use your kindness, beautifully manipulate you, so you don’t even notice it at all. So, don’t be meek! You need to show them that your sensitiveness is not something they can play with.

Narcissists think the empaths owe them to take the criticisms away.

Narcissists are really good at playing their roles, and in this case, you’re one of their chess pieces. If they make the wrong decision, they make it as if it’s yours until you beat yourself up and feel sorry for everything. This is because empaths have deeper feelings and thoughts. They feel everything so intensely; in fact, they tend to feel bad about themselves all the time, let alone taking criticisms.

You, as an empath, will swallow it all as if you deserve it. The fact is, you don’t! You don’t need to take all the criticisms away from a narcissistic person. Sometimes, the criticisms are for them and not for you. So, don’t take it all at once, why should you?

They think the empaths owe them time.

More than anyone else, you need more time alone. You even tend to be a loner and like to think for yourself. But, you are still someone who really cares about other people, though others think you are ignorant sometimes.

Well, this is just what a narcissistic person wants, your time. They want you to be around them every time they think they need you. So, think for a moment before you invest your lovely holiday with them. It is not just time that they want, as explained before, they want your attention too.

They think you owe them your uniqueness and creativity.

You have a way of thinking that other people don’t . In fact, you have ideas that people have never imagined before. In class, you become a person who is relied on to be a leader because other people will consider you to be an intelligent person. As narcissists only care about themselves, they will naturally want to use your uniqueness and creativity for selfish gain.

They think you owe them your emotional expression.

Another strange sign is that you feel sad and happy for no apparent reason. You’re not even having an unfortunate event, but you are sad because you’re feeling the emotions of others. If there’s someone who feels sad, without being asked, you will also feel the same mood.

Narcissists can’t show emotion to others, or if they can, it’s all a lie. They want all your emotional expression just for them; it’s how they know that you’re all for them. Which is why they will show and burst it all to you. You need to be their ears as you ought to listen to anything they tell you. So, beware of this before you get sucked into their misery, which often happens.

Narcissists think they own you.

Ultimately, you have to face the harsh truth about narcissists. They think they own you, so everything you do is with their consent, and you will have to do anyt

hing that they told you to do. But when you do wrong, then it’s on you.

They think you are their property, and they can do whatever they want with you.

Well, those are the 9 things a narcissist believes all empaths owe them.