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Things An Empath Can Do To Heal Emotional Triggers

An empath is someone who has a powerful sense of feeling. He or she is super sensitive and can get very emotional all of a sudden. This is because they feel and experience the emotions of their surroundings.

By Moses , in Healing , at July 25, 2020

An empath is someone who has a powerful sense of feeling. He or she is super sensitive and can get very emotional all of a sudden. This is because they feel and experience the emotions of their surroundings.

If you identify as an empath, you may experience a lot of emotional triggers. Yes, it’s when all those super reactive parts within you get activated because of someone else’s behaviours. Keep in mind that an excessive emotional trigger can affect your overall well-being as well as your further actions. You have to know how to control your emotions so that you don’t make everything more complicated. Your emotional triggers are like wounds that need to heal, the more you have it, the easier you’re getting emotionally triggered.

So, what to do if you’re triggered? How to heal emotional triggers?

Get rid of negative thinking.

When you have a complicated problem, your brain will tend to focus on finding a way to solve it. In fact, you may try to not think about it so that it will not cause a negative reaction. It is quite difficult to forget, but you can try it for just a moment so you can make your mind more relaxed.

You shouldn’t think negatively about the problem. For instance, you probably think that there is no way out, and there’s nothing you can do. Remember that no matter how bad it is, every problem must have a solution. Sure, this healing process takes time, so you have to be patient until you can finally figure out everything.

Try to maintain positive vibes.

Finding a solution for your current problem is a way to control your emotions, and taking some rest is just as necessary. You can actually take note on the positive aspect of the problem so that it can block negative emotions that may appear. Think of this as a lesson that you can use to improve your life to become better. Perhaps, you lose something from this, but it’s not a big deal because you still can get it at another time.

For instance, if you lose your wedding ring and there is no way to find it, then it’s best to let it go. If you are afraid of your mate’s anger, then you can explain it to him. He must accept it because you have some reasons. Besides, there is no reason for getting mad because it is just an object.

 Be aware.

Sometimes, you feel upset and angry because somebody insults you. For example, people say that you are fat and ugly or they just say bad things about you. Now, it is time to be aware. Is it true that you are what they said? You can reflect on yourself and evaluate yourself, but other people’s opinions shouldn’t consume you too much. Even if it’s true, make this a lesson for you to be a better person. You can try to fix it or just forget what other people say about you. All you need to do is doing your best, and feel happy while you’re at it.

An Empath Forgive and forget.

Do you often bring up old problems and feel overwhelmed all over again? Forgive those who have put you in trouble; those who hurt you, lied to you, demean you, or denigrate you; forget all of it.

This is the best way to get rid of logic. By forgiving and forgetting, you can gain positive things in your life. You also have to avoid revenge, as it will only put you into more trouble. You should just let it go and run a new, better life. Remember, it doesn’t mean you allow someone to hurt you all over again; once is enough.

An Empath Try to give in.

When you have a problem with your life partner, you shouldn’t get triggered by the situation. The best way to control the emotional trigger is to give in. Anger may occur because of the selfishness of both sides. If you are an empath, you should be able to overcome this situation.

You need to control the intensity of your partner’s emotions by trying to give in. It can help you find the way out to solve the problem. But, it also has a limit, when you can’t tolerate this anymore, then you must leave it and get away from the trigger as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will only make you angry, and everything will be even worse.

An Empath Try to smile.

An empath may smile when an emotional trigger attacks him or her despite he or she is actually angry inside. But, this can be the best healing tool for an empath who is very sensitive in dealing with any situation.

It may look weird to smile while you are mad, but your brain will instantly respond and adjust your emotions. In this case, you can try it by controlling your emotions with the people whom you are mad at. Always give them your prettiest smile and leave them if you don’t have anything to say so that you will not get even angrier.

However, it might not be possible to do since you’re in bad condition, you shouldn’t show that you are pretending. It is better that you move away from the triggers and don’t pay it too much mind.

Find guidance.

Getting help from a therapist or coach can be the best way to heal emotional triggers for an empath. Sometimes, you can’t control your emotions, and you can’t follow all the six tips before. The last option is to call a therapist or coach. Somehow, you need the training to control your emotions and how to deal with emotional triggers. Maybe, you need somebody to listen to you because when you express your feelings, it may heal the trigger. In a certain case, you also have to accept other people’s advice so that you know how to treat people in different ways.

Well, those are 7 things empaths can do to heal emotional triggers.