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9 Things About Law Of Attraction That You Just Got It Wrong

There are certain things about the law of attraction that are so complicated to understand. Firstly, the law of attraction…

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There are certain things about the law of attraction that are so complicated to understand.

Firstly, the law of attraction is based on the philosophy of life that positive thoughts directly impact our lives and vice versa.

Also, the law of attraction draws our desires and wishes into our lives.  However, only a few people understand how it works to achieve the results they desire to see in their lives.

Here are several things about the law of attraction that you understand wrong.


1.You don’t Accept Your Present Reality

Firstly,  the law of attraction isn’t working for you as it ought to because you resist the things that happen to you now.

Maybe you want quick satisfaction, and you’re impatient to see the result. Hence, you feel bad about not having what you desire to have.

First thing first, you should appreciate what you have at the moment. Dream big and work towards achieving your goals.

However, be patient. It will come at the right time.

2. You Change Your Mind Every Time

This is another thing about the law of attraction that you get wrong; you often change your mind on the things you desire.

At one time, you’re dreaming of a mansion, but the next day you’re dreaming of an apartment. This only makes you feel confused and difficult to understand what you truly want in your life.

Hence, this conflict of desires weakens your zeal to achieve your goals.

To fully maximize the law of attraction and make it work for you, you should know what you want to achieve before working on your goals.

Hence, create a checklist of what you want. When you know exactly what you want in life, stick with it unless there’s no other choice but to switch to another plan.

3. You’re Doing Your Affirmations Incorrectly-Things About Law Of Attraction That You Just Got It Wrong

Another thing about the law of attraction is that your affirmations have to be said correctly.

For instance, an overweight person who believes in the law of attraction can’t achieve his/her fitness goals even though he said these words of affirmations;

  • “I will be sexy.”
  • “I’m not fat.”
  • “I eat healthy food.”

Without believing it or actually feeling what they believe.

Hence, your affirmations must be positive, brief, stated in the present tense, and feel good saying it to make it work.

4. You Got It the Other Way Around

You have to feel and think good to attract what you want. However, most people tend to wait for good things to happen before they think positively.

That’s why they’re attracting more of their negative emotions and thoughts.

From now on, feel and think well always. Stop your train of thought if anything negative comes across your mind. Always think about the blessings you get and be thankful for them.

5. You Don’t Do Anything- Things About Law Of Attraction

Only hoping and wishing is useless. Some people don’t do what they have to do, but they keep dreaming of reaching their goals.

Do you think this is possible?

You should act the part, be a part, and do everything necessary. If you want to be rich, then do what rich people usually do.

Also, you need inspired action. It is the situation where you listen to your inner voice and find that luck.

6. You Blame Others and Make Excuses

When something doesn’t turn out well, do you tend to blame others? You see, people even make a lot of excuses ranging from having too many responsibilities to having no time to just not being lucky enough.

You should be more responsible for your life. This is because you give your power away if you make excuses or blame others.

7. You Don’t Do it Enough

You say or visualize your affirmations only when you feel like doing them. You’re not consistent with your own rituals of manifesting, which are your actions towards achieving your desires.

The key is in the repetition. You have to visualize, state your affirmations, and do your rituals of manifesting every day.

After waking up and right before going to bed are the best times for you to do it.

8. Your Desire is not Harmonious With Your Values -Things About Law Of Attraction

You will not be successful if you value the buffet eating’s pleasure. You will not get a lot of money if you value spending too much time wasting your money.

Write down your most important values, and then compare them with your desire and goals to see if there is any problem existing between them. If yes, prepare or change your plan.

9. You Don’t Give Much

A lot of people don’t realize that you can attract more towards something by giving it away. If you want more good friends, you should be a good friend to everyone.

Overall, if you want more love, give love. If you want to be rich, donate a certain portion of your savings to those who need it.

The more you give in, the more good things will happen to you.