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The World’s Rarest Personality: INFJ Personality Type Decoded

With the INFJ personality type decoded, understanding them becomes so much easier. INFJ personality type is a part of the…

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With the INFJ personality type decoded, understanding them becomes so much easier.

INFJ personality type is a part of the 16 personality types recognized by the Myers-Briggs personality type indicator. It stands for introverted, intuitive, feeling, and judging.

INFJs are sometimes referred to as advocates or idealists. People that have this personality trait are imaginative, gentle, and caring. These people are highly introverted, and at the same time, they are susceptible to others’ feelings.

They are stereotypically idealistic, and they have high moral standards with a firm focus on their future. They find fun in thinking about deep ideologies of life and also contemplating the deep meanings of life.

It has been proven that this INFJ personality type is one of the rarest personality types, with just one to three percent of the population of the world showing signs of this personality type.

One of the most important traits about the INFJ that sets them apart from others is their ability to take their ideas and transform them into realities.

They are the type of people that fancy daydreaming or too much philosophy.

Likewise, they are the type of people who take their values and use them to bring about positive and long-lasting changes. The INFJ can also be considered as the opposite of the ESTP personality.

The essential characteristics of the INFJ include a strong sense of intuition and emotional understanding.

They are soft-spoken and empathetic, but this does not mean that they can be easily pushed over despite their soft nature.

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They have deeply held beliefs and can act decisively to get the result they seek. Even though they are introverted by nature, they also can form healthy relationships and meaningful connections with other people.

They love helping others, and they also get energy drained, so they also require time and space to reenergize.

Although they have a great deal of idealism in their sleeves, they understand the world very well, both the good and evil, while hoping to make the world a better place.

Facts About  INFJs- INFJ Personality Type Decoded

When it comes to decision-making, they place more significant emphasis on personal concerns than objective facts.

They also can exert control, and they do this by planning, organizing, and making decisions as early as possible.

The fundamental strengths of the INFJ include;

  • sensitivity to the needs of others
  • mysterious nature,
  • super creative and artistic ability
  • ability to focus on the future
  • high respect for values and deep relationships
  • ability to enjoy thinking about the intricacies of life
  • and finally, their lavish idealistic lifestyle.

Even with all these strengths, they also have their weaknesses which include;

  • overly sensitive nature
  • the difficulty for others to understand their personality
  • their high expectations
  • stubborn nature
  • and their fear of confrontation.

The INFJ tends to depend more on four primary cognitive functions, which are; 

Introverted Intuition

This happens to be the dominant cognitive function. This is why they strong abilities to focus on their internal insights, and because of their unyielding attitude, they are seen as stubborn.

An Extraverted Feeling

This is an auxiliary cognitive function, and it is what makes them highly aware of what other people are feeling.

Introverted Thinking- INFJ Personality Type Decoded

This is their tertiary cognitive function. This is why they make decisions based on their insights.

Extraverted Sensing

This is the inferior cognitive function of the INFJ. This aspect helps them pay attention to the world around them and stay aware of their surroundings.