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The Seven Types Of Spirit Guides

There are different types of spirit guides; that is what this blog post is about. To start with, many people…

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There are different types of spirit guides; that is what this blog post is about.

To start with, many people have their interpretation of spirit guides, the forms they take

Also, they even debate on the actual number of spirit guides existing in the universe.

There’ve been contradicting numbers of seven, nine, and eleven.

However, most people seem to agree with the concept of seven spirit guides which are;

  • The Trans-species (Half man, Half beast)
  • Animal or Totem guide
  • Light beings
  • Ascended Masters
  • Gods and goddesses
  • Plants
  • Ancestors

What are Spirit Guides? 

A spirit guide could be seen as a mythical creature or universal force that helps us.

At a primary level, it is a type of energy that radiates in different variants or forms. 

Furthermore, some people have asked if spirit guides exist in another dimension or are just another mystery of the world that lives in our minds.

It is safer and more efficient to subscribe to the second thought.

This is because there are several unexplainable occurrences in the universe. 

Although several people believe that a spirit guide exists in a particular form, it is vital to be open to new possibilities.

This is because spirit guides could take various forms.

For instance, they could take the form of a passing wind that will leave you with goosebumps all over.

Also, you might have had direct experience with one before.

In this case, you should try and connect more in-depth with the guide.

However, if you haven’t, you should be open to believing in their existence, even though it may seem inconceivable.

Here is detailed information on the seven types of spirit guides mentioned earlier.

1. Trans-species; Types of Spirit Guides

This guide is also known as half-beast, half-man because it manifests in half-human and half-animal forms.

The most famous example of a Trans-specie is a mermaid.

Some others include;

  • harries
  • centaurs
  • fairies
  • sphinxes
  • the jackal-headed Egyptian god
  • the Elephant-headed Indian god
  • pan (half-human, half-goat)
  • and several others

Also, it has been reported that the pan and other trans-species may lead a person to find a healing source of their wounds or pains.

2. Ancestors

Some spirit guides are usually linked to a bloodline or lineage, and that’s where the ancestral guides come in.

Such guides could be a recently devised family member or a long-demised relative that you have had no form of interaction with. 

3. Animals or Totems- Types of Spirit Guides

Animals are among the most popular spirit guides that have taken their spot amongst the universal forces over the years.

Even more, various animals were recognized as a sacred representation of different cultures, ancestral lines, and tribes in some ancient cultures, particularly the indigenous Americans, Indians, and Chinese.

Recently, spirit animals reflect a person’s needs or yearnings.

4. Plants

The shamans believe that everything in the world has living energy, which includes plants.

The Ayahuasca, also known as a vine, is a well-known medium of interacting with nature’s spirit.

A Vine is also referred to as the vine of the souls, and people who take this plant may feel guided into different spiritual realms.

5. Ascended Masters- Types of Spirit Guides

These spirit guides existed on earth and have gone through a spiritual enlightenment phase and have transcended the reincarnation cycle.

Therefore they can be referred to as ultimate teachers or guides.

6. Light Beings 

These guides are also known as guardian angels.

Also, they are known to help people move through traumatic events in their lives, including grief of loss or death.

They are prone to appearing in bright or glowing light, which birthed their name Light beings.

7. Gods and Goddesses 

Since the dawn of time, references have been made to the worship and fear of gods and goddesses.

Also, every religion, culture, or tradition has spanned through this concept.

Some gods and goddesses like Athena, Horus, Selene, and Apollo, amongst others, serve as spirit guides.