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The 9 Characteristics Of ISFJs, The Shyest, And Most Loyal Personality Type

ISFJs, the shyest, and most loyal personality type Click To Tweet There are certain unique characteristics of the ISFJs personality…

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There are certain unique characteristics of the ISFJs personality type; here, we look at 9 of these characteristics. There are people you come across or friends you have that are extremely quiet and sometimes behave awkwardly.

Also, they are super caring and kind; they would do anything to make another person happy. These people are of the personality type known as ISFJ. ISFJ stands for Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, Judgment.

Together, these four traits make for one of the rarest personality types in the world. They are also known as the “Defenders,” this quiet personality type is made of genuinely generous people. Here are nine characteristics of these people.

9 Characteristics Of ISFJs Personality Type

1. Emotional

ISFJs are very kind, loving, and sometimes you might feel that they are loners because they enjoy being alone. People might even feel ISFJs do not like them because they do not enjoy being around people.

However, the truth is that they are very emotional, and they are afraid of heartbreaks because it hits them harder.

2. Remarkably quiet

ISFJs are reticent people; they find it hard to make conversations with people. They prefer to listen than to talk.

This characteristic makes them excellent listeners and, therefore, significant contributors when they eventually decide to contribute to what you say.

3. When it comes to friends, quality is of great importance than quantity for them

ISFJs are not after having so many friends; they consider just a handful of friends, and they make sure that these friends are the kind of people they can always rely on, that would be there for them all the time.

4. No one hurts their loved one and goes free – Unique Characteristics of the ISFJs Personality Type

An ISFJ is the best friend you can have when someone has done wrong. They often will always defend their friends from evil people or go so far as to clock them.

More so, An ISFJ won’t tolerate it when someone treats their friends poorly and will often go out of bounds to stop, even if their friends beg them not to.

5. They are not focused on the shallow parts of life

Looks do not easily deceive ISFJs. Instead, they are way more into a person’s personality. This is because they tend to focus on the bigger picture than the small print.

6. Being able to help someone makes them happy

The one thing that puts the biggest smile on the face of the ISFJ is the ability to save the day or put a smile on another person’s face.

They are natural problem solvers and often are the ones people go to when they want reliability.

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7. They are unpredictable- Characteristics of ISFJs Personality Type

ISFJs are reliable, they are people you can always turn to, but this is only to a point. Sometimes, they can be very moody, which, in turn, can make them very unpredictable in relationships.

This tends to be their downfall. An angry ISFJ can end all links to them in one night.

8. They are altruistic at their best

An ISFJ always puts others before him, and they feel happiest when they are helping people. This is why many ISFJs tend to gravitate toward careers in health, education, environmental science, and social work. They want to make a difference.

9. They are dangerous at their worst

An angry ISFJ is like a raging fireball who lashes out at people. They are not attractive at all.

They unleash verbal attacks on people, which they regret later simply because they do not know how to handle their emotions when brought to the brink of anger. Sometimes, they stonewall the person they argue with.