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The 5 Practical Ways To Get A Narcissist To Leave You Alone

Do you have any experience of getting bothered by a narcissist? If yes, no need to feel depressed because you…

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Do you have any experience of getting bothered by a narcissist? If yes, no need to feel depressed because you are not alone. Many people continuously look for the most effective way to be free from the obsessed and manipulative narcissist. If this problem haunts you since a long time ago, a firm decision to leave the narcissist will be one of your biggest moves to get away from toxic relationships.

The problem comes when you have no brilliant strategy to do that. That is why you will always fall in the same hole, falling for the narcissist where you think you can make them change. Please be aware that the narcissist can find the opportunity to drag you down again and again.

Mostly, one of many reasons why it is so hard to break free from a narcissist is because of how they look so charming and somehow harmless. They are pretty good at seducing you, treating you like you are their only world, and no one will love you more than them. On the other hand, people who stay with narcissists usually are the ones who have an unhealthy dependency, personal unconsciousness, etc.

Well, we can’t deny if different circumstances may lead to different treatment. While you barely discover specific tips that suit your condition best, there is nothing wrong with learning the basic techniques. So to speak, to overcome this problem, here are five ways you can do to make a narcissist leave you alone.

Limit possible contact.

Basically, this method is the very first move for every situation whenever you want to get somebody to leave you for good: ‘Cut the open line of communication.’ Since it is barely possible to expect that the narcissist will block himself, so you have to be ready to do that in the first place.

In the narcissist’s mind, it is better to spread negative vibes rather than no at all. Sometimes, they just want to instigate you in an unwanted situation, merely to enjoy the feeling of refreshment. Do you still want to get stuck in those circumstances?

Do not get lured easily by a thoughtful or friendly text. Most times, they don’t really mean it because they just want to know how is your reaction. By doing so, they can learn a lot about you, which approach they can use to have you under their palms, they have planned everything without you knowing. So, once you realize their true nature, it’s important to limit any possible contact with them lest anything bad might happen in the future.

Do not blatantly show your emotion.(A Narcissist)

You know, the narcissist tends to be a dauntless creature compared to the other types of people. Even though you try to be consistent with the first step about the ‘no contact policy,’ they may show up at your favorite coffee shop, call or text in the middle of the night, and another annoying stuff. In one way or the other, you might start showing compassion for them.

You know, it is natural if you feel pity for them, and you may feel the urge to rebuild your communication. Be aware though; it is no doubt the best way to trigger you to come again and repeat your past mistakes. If this happens, just bear in mind how bad do you want to free from them.

The most delicate way to avoid any interaction with them when their effort is so persistent is by showing them your flat expression. Do not start any unnecessary contact. Once you do that, believe me, it will be much harder to get out of that circle.

Your self-care is the number one priority.

The majority of people who are barely taking a move leaving the narcissist circle, usually think that their interest is not really important to be prioritized. On their mind, helping the person in front of them is crucial, not realizing they have been dancing on the palm of the narcissist. Once they understand, it would be too complicated to get out of their predicament.

In order to alter your life and set free from the narcissist grasp, you need to realize that taking care of yourself is the utmost important thing to do. Don’t think of helping others if you’re not in a condition to do so. Pay attention to your needs! You are priceless, and you deserve a genuinely healthy relationship with someone who will equally reciprocate your feeling. So, be meticulous not to fall if they try to manipulate or deceive you.

None can make you happy except yourself.

Most people still believe that their key to happiness comes from their spouse or significant others. If you are one of them, clearly, you just lose the essence of being happy in the very first place. No matter how charming or how many people admire this narcissist, it is not a reason to conclude if they can offer you happiness.

Because admit it or not, happiness and personal satisfaction come from the inside. Do not waste your time just to find a reason to be happy when the answer is completely available in your heart and soul.

Let us think further. If they are really your source of happiness, how can you be happy when they ruin your life merely to achieve whatever their desire? For sure, they may be happy, but you don’t. So, stop fooling yourself with utopian fantasy and start to realize what the truth is.

Find and heal your wound.(A Narcissist)

Everybody has their own wound, just admit that. It is natural, not a sign of powerlessness. The only problem is, we don’t realize what our wound is, and suddenly this narcissist can figure it out and offer you a holy grail, something you don’t imagine in the beginning.

Even though you are sick with their narcissistic behavior, but they constantly shower you with overwhelming attention and care. Somehow, you love their way of loving you. That is why it is hard to save yourself when deep down in your heart; you feel safe and warm. The truth is, you just afraid that you will be all alone once you lose them, and you don’t know how to find out another healing process by yourself.

If you want to be a little bit brave, it is not that bad. Losing your closest one in order to find the better place is way much better than entangled yourselves in an imaginary mind.

So, what you have to do is, embrace your wound and heal it. Nobody is perfect, and your perfection is what makes you beautiful. Also, finding professionals like a psychologist or psychiatrist is always a great choice instead of relying on yourself. This professional will let you know what your problem is and offer the healthiest solution base on your condition.

Well, those are the 5 practical ways to get a narcissist to leave you alone.

I hope that you enjoyed my explanation. Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and experiences in the comment section below.