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6 Things You Can Do To Stop Empath Overwhelm

An empath is a person who has high sensitivity toward emotion around them. They can easily feel the same emotions,…

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An empath is a person who has high sensitivity toward emotion around them. They can easily feel the same emotions, just like the emotions felt by the original source or person. This very keen sensitivity makes every empath able to feel even the physical pain of others too. They can also discover other’s intentions even though the person has deeply hidden their purpose in their mind. Simply put, empaths are able to uncover both bad intentions and honest intentions.

When someone hides their ruthless intention, the empath can at least feel it through the eyes, tone, and even energy vibes. As amazing as it is, their sensitivity also leads to several significant drawbacks. The ability to feel others’ emotions can lead to an overwhelming feeling inside themselves. Sometimes, this emotion can lead to unwanted energies inside their mind and heart. For example, when they experience negative feelings from others, then it can cause mental sickness to the empaths. Therefore, for you to be able to handle this empath overwhelm issues, you can try to apply these six things into your life.

Go outside and take a deep breath.(Empath overwhelm)

Though the title is to “Go outside and take a deep breath,” the real idea is not only stopping outside and taking a deep breath. You may consider going to places that you never been there before, but make sure you’re going places full of positive energies. It can be a natural environment such as a forest, mountain, or calm beach, which you can take a very deep breath once you’re there. You can release all the burden on your shoulder and see the world with a brighter view.

You can sit calmly and think about many things. You can drive your mind to think more deeply about what is happening now and find the good things behind it because we need to believe that every bad thing that happened in our lives always has something good to offer.

You can see the clouds above you move slowly and switch to other clouds. You will think that this is life. Problems come and go. But absolutely there is always a solution behind, and you don’t need to really go deep down into someone’s problem. When you know their problem, it doesn’t mean that you have to interfere.

Eat that chocolate.(Empath overwhelm)

When you feel overwhelmed with negative emotions that you absorb from others, one of the best ways to release the feelings is by eating a few pieces of chocolate. Don’t eat the chocolate too much, though, since it may cause another problem for your body.

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Chocolate contains a compound that can produce serotonin when someone is eating it. Serotonin is a hormone that is known as a happy hormone. Thus, eating small pieces of chocolate can help you to prevent any negative feelings from overwhelming your thoughts. The best type of chocolate which could help to lower stress is milk chocolate. But of course, I’m sure you have your own preferences.


When an empath is flooding by negative emotions that are not even theirs, it can cause panic, stress, depression, and uncontrollable sensation.

In order to reduce these destructive feelings, regular exercise is one of the best methods you can do every day. Clinically research shows that exercise can reduce the level of stress hormones inside someone’s body and mind. Therefore, active physical activities have great functions to reduce stress and calm the mind and heart.

When someone is exercising, their body will generate endorphin hormones that work as natural painkillers and boost the feeling of enjoyment. You can get rid of any kind of issues that ruin your mind when you are exercising.

Although every kind of exercise has a good impact on mental health, there are specific exercises that are designed to handle stress more effectively called Autoregulation exercises. The research shows that Autoregulation exercises set can get rid of restlessness, panic attack, paranoia, and every symptom that is related to empath overwhelm condition.

Singing alone.

Singing alone in your room can help you to lift the moods, it primarily works as a mood booster. You can release all the emotions inside you while singing your favorite songs. Just make sure to choose the right song for you. Don’t choose the song that causes more pain for your memories and emotions.

Don’t consume caffeine.

An empath should avoid any caffeine when they feel overwhelmed with emotion that is not even theirs. This is because a certain amount of caffeine can amplify anxiety, anger, and other negative emotions. The effect of caffeine will kick in after you have consumed it in 30 to 40 minutes later. This compound may potentially worsen your overwhelming emotions.

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While not consuming caffeine doesn’t mean that you will not get overwhelmed by negative emotions, but this habit surely will help you to reduce the impact of emotional overload.

Understand whether it is time to help or not.

Knowing every problem in every single person’s life doesn’t make you responsible for helping them out. Yes, great power comes with great responsibility, but not everyone is willing to get help from someone else, either.

Some people want their issues to be kept only for themselves. They are just not ready yet to share their issues. You have to understand this point well.

Well, those are the six things you can do to stop empath overwhelm issues. I hope that you enjoyed my explanation. Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and experiences in the comment section below.