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Six Signs You Need More Personal Space (& How to Set Healthy Boundaries)

Do you feel the need for personal space but don’t know how to set healthy boundaries? Here’s how to set…

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Do you feel the need for personal space but don’t know how to set healthy boundaries? Here’s how to set healthy boundaries. Most times, people raised in abusive or neglectful situations do not feel safe setting boundaries.

This is because their emotional, mental, or physical boundaries were not respected when they were children, so they often grow up feeling powerless as adults. A child that is not allowed to say “No,” that is not shown respect for their bodies, or not given affection except under certain conditions, does not feel that they have value. They lack self-love in many situations. This is seen in their inability to create healthy boundaries or to communicate those boundaries out of fear.

Here are signs that you need to set personal boundaries and how to set them.

1. Doing things too much to please others

If you notice that you are always doing something that you ordinarily wouldn’t do for people, you lack self-confidence and feel the need to seek approval from people by doing things for others, no matter the cost. The only way to stop this is to set boundaries, take responsibility for your life.

2. Giving, or receiving, as much as you can for its own sake

You do or consign things that you truly cannot afford to be part of a group or feel good about, and on the opposite side, you may insubordinately take from others what you want.

This mostly happens because you lack self-confidence, and you feel the best way is to either be too generous or too rude. So the only way to set a healthy boundary in this situation is to rediscover your self-worth and take charge of your life.

3. Feeling guilty if you say “No”

You hate to let people down by saying no to their request. Or you think that you will be rejected if you say No.

Hence, you have to remember that you owe yourself to no one. You always have to make sure to be satisfied with what you are doing. You owe no explanation, so you have every right to do what you feel is right.

4. Not opening up when you are treated poorly- Signs You Need More Personal Space

You do not believe that you have value or control, so you allow others to mistreat you.

You also feel that no one will help even if you seek help. Well, this is not true; people are always there to take up your matter. All people want is for you to make the first move.

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5. Accepting sexual advances or touches that you don’t want

You see yourself not being able to say No when someone tries to assault you sexually, even when you do not want to be touched. You feel that you do not have any control or power. But you do.

All you have to do is take responsibility for your life and know that you alone have the right over your body and no one else.

6. Modifying your sense of self to fit those around you – Signs You Need More Personal Space

You lack value in yourself; you believe that you are not valuable, so you attempt to be like others you view as more valued.

This doesn’t seem right because every person is exceptional in their way. You have to believe in yourself and love yourself for who you are. No one can dictate how you live your life, so no one should control your life.