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6 Strong Signs You Are A True INFP

What signs tell that you are a true INFP? INFPs are a rare personality type in the Myer-Briggs personality types….

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What signs tell that you are a true INFP?

INFPs are a rare personality type in the Myer-Briggs personality types. They stand out from the rest because of their outstanding qualities. These people are complicated, magical, and at the same time, mysterious. Here are six vital signs that show that you are a true INFP.

1. They are SelectivelyObservant

INFPs never for any reason rush into doing anything; they make sure to think it over and over again, even to the point of reliving it in their dreams. This is the primary reason why most INFPs are writers and artists.  This is mostly because the only channel through which they can express their innermost thoughts buzzes through their heads into reality.

Furthermore, they easily miss out on details because their mind is always busy thinking about something much larger or weirdly specific.

INFPs are profoundly observant and sensitive to the world around them, and they get so caught up that they sometimes forget the existence of time.

2. They are Deeply Self-reflective – Signs you are a True INFP

INFPs find it very easy to talk about their issues and personal observations. To the INFP, self-reflection is the key.

They always self-reflect because that is one of how they checkmate their actions and behaviors. This is also how they can control their minds against all the numerous thoughts that keep ravaging their minds every day.

Even more, the soul of the INFP is impatient with itself, and this relentlessness keeps growing. Thus they always have to self-reflect so that they can keep their mind in check.

3. They Have a Great Sense of Compassion and Sympathy

The INFP spends a lot of time thinking about themselves, but this does not mean that they are selfish in life. The truth is, their self-analytical mind makes them even more compassionate and caring more than we expect them to be.

By observing their thoughts, they have realized that man is a fragmented being and continually changing. This realization allows them to be able to relate freely with different people from different walks of life.

They also tend to worry about what other people are doing; they always want to know if someone is okay or not and how they can help. The funny thing is, even though they are very compassionate.

Similarly, they are also very hesitant in doing things, and they do not like opening themselves up too much to people.

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4. They are Dreamers

INFPs are dreamers; they are always in their world. They always seem to be distracted and, at the same time, focused on what is going on at the moment.

If you meet this kind of person, you might be dealing with an INFP person. The great dreaming ability that they possess is what makes them become extraordinary writers.

One issue with them, in this case, is that they hardly find time to deal with the problems of life which they have at the moment.

5. They are Somehow Self-conscious

Just like introverts, INFPs are quiet and reserved. This quietness and reservation make it hard for them to lose self-consciousness even when they are very comfortable with their happy people.

Their self-awareness nature makes it easy for them to always stand out in presentations and interviews.

However, when making small talk with people they do not know well, they are easily identified by visual signs like shifting around on their feet, struggling to make eye connection, and not knowing where to put their hands.

6. They Enjoy Solitude- Signs you are a True INFP

INFPs enjoy their time alone so much because this is the period where they can easily allow their minds to wander as far as it wants to.

Also, spending time alone helps them gather ideas scattered all over their minds together, which leads to the emergence of a solution to any issue they might have been thinking about.

Loving their solitude does not mean that they do not love being with people; INFPs love being with people as much as they love privacy.