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Self Love: Why It’s So Important for Empaths

Do you agree that the world needs empaths and sensitive souls? In this world, where everything is chaotic and filled…

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Do you agree that the world needs empaths and sensitive souls? In this world, where everything is chaotic and filled with selfish and self-centred people, empaths are actually one of the few good things the world has to offer. Putting self-love aside,  empaths are healers, and they bring positivity to the world. They bring compassion and love; everywhere they go, they wish to spread kindness and deliver the best to their respective society. So, there is always hope for everything negative so long a balance still exists.

However, as amazing as it is, being an empath isn’t always easy. Not only you have to deal with your own personal struggle, but at some point, you also shoulder the burden of the world, and you also need to deal with people who are against you. Yes, there will also be people who dislike your actions, and those who also want to take advantage of you. They will throw obstacles at your way, hoping that you will give up, or that you will do something for their benefits.

Knowing that empaths are almost always willing to go the extra miles for others, many people would surely want to take advantage of your kindness. That’s why self-love is very crucial for empaths, as without it, you will probably sacrifice yourself for something that doesn’t worth your efforts. And there are several other reasons why you need to practice self-love, as it can also be your power to overcome everything.

It Starts from You.

Empaths are people with higher sensitivity, compassion, and love – far greater than the ‘regular’ human beings. It’s because you have a higher consciousness, and your perspective of the world has gone beyond the standard boundaries. As a person with higher consciousness, it’s natural that you are filled with compassion and love towards others.

But how can you love others if you can’t love yourself? This is a basic stand-point for empaths. To be able to love others, they need to start from themselves. If they don’t understand self-love, then how can they inspire others? How can they change the world? Everything starts with you, so you need to accept who you truly are. You need to be able to love yourself, no matter what. Once you have reached this understanding, then you can give others all the compassion and love you have within you.

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Better Self-belief.(Empaths)

When you want to help others and share all the positivity, you need to believe in yourself. Through self-love, you can grow that self-belief and share it with others. As you want to influence others and have a positive impact on people, you need to believe in yourself, just like you need to start loving yourself before you can spread the love.

When you have a positive self-belief, you are sure that you can achieve higher things. Nothing can stop you – not even the world. You know that you can count on one thing: yourself. And other things won’t matter anymore. For instance, when people have doubts in you, and they try to give you toxic thoughts like you can’t do it or you won’t be able to pull it off alone, you can shake it off. You know that you CAN do it even if you have to do it alone. Yes, that’s how ambitious you are when it comes to others and even the world. You believe in yourself, and nothing else matters.

You Are (More) Confident.

People who love themselves in a positive way (not in a narcissistic way, mind you) have this positive quality of self-confident – and it is apparent to others. Others will see you as this cheerful and confident individual who stops at nothing. You aren’t easily stopped or broken down. No matter how hard it is or how many stones are thrown at you, you will keep on moving. You know you have goals in life, and you are determined to reach those goals.

Your Energy Is Contagious.(Empaths)

You are filled with positive things, and they are visible. People can see how positive you are – how pleasant it is to be around you. Your energy can reach out to others, and these people can sense it. It is somewhat contagious as you can leave a positive impact so others can follow your steps. That’s why self-love is important because you can activate positive energy that is contagious and affecting others. Believe me when I say that true acceptance of oneself is genuine and real – and you can’t fake it.

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You Know Boundaries Well.

As an empath, you know that emotions can be overwhelming, especially the negative ones. Rejections and hatred are the most toxic elements that can affect one’s emotions deeply. You can be easily affected by these toxic feelings too, especially since you are highly sensitive to others’ energy and feeling.

However, through self- love, you can set the boundaries. You have the ability to control everything in a better way. Through self-love, you know that there are some people that are worth saving and some aren’t. And although it gives you a sense of sadness that you may not be able to help or inspire others, you know how to set your boundaries. Other people’s words no longer affect you. Other people’s doubt doesn’t have any impact on you. You have no problems with them because you have a better sense of boundaries.

A Better Relationship.

Whether it is a romantic relationship, professional relationship, or familial relationship, a true sense of self-love can have an impact on them. Since you love and value yourself, you can share it with others. You can spread the love and hope that they will start from themselves too. You know when to stop and leave when it comes to toxic relationships. Once you love yourself, you want to have other people with the same value – and the energy is inviting. It can attract other similar energies too. So, if you want to have a healthier, better, and more qualified relationship, you need to start from loving and accepting yourself.

And finally, whether you are an empath or not, self-love is essential. You value yourself. You know that you are precious and unique. So, start with yourself and everything will follow.

Well, I hope that you enjoyed my explanation. Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and experiences in the comment section below.