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Six Steps To Deepen Your Relationship With Your Spirit Guide

Are you looking for ways to deepen your relationship with your spirit guide? Building relationships are the best ways to…

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Are you looking for ways to deepen your relationship with your spirit guide?

Building relationships are the best ways to enrich our lives as humans.

Also, a great way to improve our spiritual lives is to deepen our relationship with our spirit guides.

There are a few tricks that can help to deepen your relationship with your spirit guide.

They include;

1. Create A Sacred Space For Your Guide

An effective way to keep your spirit guide close to you is by having a comfortable environment for its dwelling.

Likewise, it would help if you tried creating your energy to a level that your spirit guide can easily communicate or reach.

A mantra or prayer may also help convey your desires to your spirit guide, improving or building a relationship pattern.

2. Give Your Spirit Guide Access To You; It Would Help You Deepen Your Relationship With Your Spirit Guide

Since your spirit guide will not tamper with your freewill as it seeks a two-sided relationship,  it will not come to you if you are not open to it.

Therefore, you should invite your spirit guide, and you can do this in the following ways.

  • Relax and clear your mind 

Subconsciously welcome the spirit guide and open your mind to receive it.

Suppose you are experiencing issues communicating with your spirit guide.

In that case, you could try the ancient practice of scrying that involves looking into a reflective surface and receiving mystical information from the visuals.

It works better for people that have a visual mind and can communicate through pictures.

3. ResearchAbout Your Spirit Guide

To build a relationship, you have to learn about the other party, and this concept also comes to play when you want to strengthen the relationship between you and your spirit guide.

It would help if you researched on;

  • what your spirit guide likes to be called
  • the environment your spirit guide will preferably be in
  • how to know when your spirit guide is around and other information on your spirit guide 

4. Always Be Aware; It Helps You Deepen Your Relationship With Your Spirit Guide

It is safe to take notes on important information about your spirit guide.

Also, if you have multiple guides, it is essential to differentiate their terms. 

Even more, It would help if you stayed alert even as you go by your daily routine, in case your guide is trying to communicate to you or guide you through the day.

5. Be Intentional About Communicating With Your Spirit Guide Through Dreams

Before going to bed, decide to meet or speak to your spirit guide.

It is a routine that should be done consistently within one to two weeks. Usually, this works with you waking up and realizing you saw or related to strange figures or beings in your sleep.

When repeated, the figures and communication become clearer.

Additionally, you should note that your spirit guides may not always be clear in communicating with you, and they often use symbols and other indirect modes of communication.

Learning how to interpret dreams is a great communication skill with your spirit guides that builds your relationship as time goes on.

6. Practice Bibliomancy

Bibliomancy is a concept that involves seeking spiritual knowledge by opening books at casual places.

This act was common in middle age, but it is still used by people seeking spiritual insight.

A person could have multiple spirit guides, and constant communication with your spirit guides is the key to developing a deep relationship with them.

Overall, your spirit guides will not come to you if you do not seek their presence and they could take any form such as an animal you love or a symbol you’re familiar with.