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Reasons to Avoid Negative People If You’re An Empath.

The word “empath” is taken from Greek. There are two words which are “em” that means in and “pathos” which means feeling. An Empath means a person who can feel how other people feel. Empaths even can feel these feelings much bigger than the person since they are more empathetic and sensitive.

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The word “empath” is taken from Greek. There are two words which are “em” that means in and “pathos” which means feeling. An Empath means a person who can feel how other people feel. Empaths even can feel these feelings much bigger than the person since they are more empathetic and sensitive.

Being an empath also means that you can sense more negative energies. The maliciousness, hate, and misery from other people can weigh down your soul. That can be the reason why sometimes you feel depressed.

Anyway, guys, these are the reasons why you should avoid negative people because of all the skills that you have as an empath.

An empath can sense a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

You have the ability to sense anything in your surroundings, so the statement that you can sense the wolf in sheep’s clothing is not an exaggeration. A wolf in clothing means a person who shows how kind they are and how good their intention is, but has the worst desire beneath their good deeds. Since empaths are much more sensitive, they can sense this type of behaviour and falsehood. So to speak, avoiding this kind of person will place you in a safe zone.

You can sense if a person is a pathological liar.

One of the strongest powers that an empath has is that they can detect lies whether it is big or small. When you try to tell lies or hide something from an empath, it will be useless since they will know it instantly. They will get a kind of alarm signal even though they are not sure yet about your lies. An empath can do this because of their amazing ability to sense dishonesty and discomfort.

Now, people tend to hide one or two things for certain reasons, right? Wouldn’t it be troublesome if you insist on avoiding these people? I mean, you will practically have no friends at all. Well, you’re right. But what’s about Pathological liars? Exactly, these kind of persons are the ones that you need to avoid.

You may accept their lies or the fact that they hide something from you, as long as it doesn’t have ill intentions and you can also persuade them to be honest with you. As for Pathological liars, it’s better to avoid them altogether; it is a good thing to do to avoid negative thoughts as well as their disrespectful behaviour.

Negative people will soon drain you.

Despite your great power, you do know well that it can continuously exhaust you, right? When you spend time around negative people, and you sense their negative vibes all day, you feel cloudy, flat and lethargic. And soon enough, you will get drained and exhausted.

Negative people tend to be energy vampires as well, which means their negativity will suck the energy out of your body, even after just a short time spent in their presence.

Hatred or jealousy will bring negativity upon you.

Empaths can sense hidden jealousy and hatred in people. It’s just like a Jedi. When you try to make friends with an empath out of jealousy, they can sense that. When you have a grudge against an empath, they will know it too.

Empaths can also tell when your feelings haven’t changed, and you haven’t moved on even though you act the opposite. By staying away from people who have hatred and jealousy, you will not be dragged into any of their drama with the people they hate.

You often experience mood swings.

Since you can feel other people’s energy, it’s understandable that your mood may quickly change depending on the circumstances. Low moods are often triggered by emotional contagion, and it happens a lot when you often spend your time with negative people. Meaning, negativity is contagious.

You know other people’s prejudice.

Homophobes and racists are the real things we can find among us. These people have been blending into our society. Some of them have enough gut to say bad things blatantly in front of people they hate. Meanwhile, some of them are careful enough to not speak about the hatred they feel in public. Empaths can sense any good or bad thoughts easily since they hate bigotry. Don’t try to interfere with their drama and don’t try to change their bad prejudice to make your life more peaceful. These people aren’t worth your time.

An empath know when people are sarcastic.

A person who doesn’t have sincerity try to cover themselves in a good book cover. People like that have sycophancy skills. But if you are an empath, you can tell each falsehood in other people when you try to give them praise. They act polite and care in front of you, but they badmouth you behind your back.

An empath know people’s discomfort.

Some people try to be like other people, not because they have bad intentions, but they are not comfortable with their condition or in their own skin. If you want to be a person you always imagine, being fake will not help. If you are an empath and get involved with these people, what would you think? Are you going to cheer on these kinds of people every day? It will just drain all your energy, knowing that this person is living a fake life, right? By telling those people once or twice to be themselves are enough ways to show that you care.

You know other people’s masks.

An empath can read people who are dishonest and hide within their masks. But try to control yourself to not tell other people about them. It will only spread negativity to other people. Sometimes, let other people know it by themselves and trust your instincts.

An empath sense self-destructive tendencies.

Empaths come across people who have tendencies that are self-destructive. This is why you should avoid these people. You can’t always be a hero for everyone. Don’t blame yourself too much if something goes wrong with them because of their actions, especially if you already gave your advice. Sometimes people have this self-destructive tendency when they enjoy creating drama and playing the victim.

You can sense selfish intentions.

Empaths can understand people who take advantage of them. However, sometimes empaths spend too much energy and time on people with these intentions. You know well that as an empath, you will naturally draw negative people to approach you. They just want to use you for their own benefits.

So, avoiding them is the best way so that you can utilize your power for the right person.

Well, those are the reasons why you should avoid negative people if you’re an empath. Try to be more caring about yourself and ignoring negative behaviour will definitely save you some trouble.