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Personality Traits Necessary To Have A Secure Attachment Style

People with a secure attachment style often approach their relationships and even life with a different approach; this is because…

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People with a secure attachment style often approach their relationships and even life with a different approach; this is because of some great characteristics which they possess. These qualities or characteristics include confidence, being emotionally open, and loving. These qualities are some of the things that everyone wants in a relationship to feel secure, treasured, emotionally safe, and highly valued. But for you to be able to attract someone with these qualities, you also have to learn to cultivate these qualities too because people like this always attract their kind.

Here are ten personality traits necessary to have a secure attachment style and be emotionally healthy.

Emotional Intimacy.

People desire to be close to their partners; they want to be connected in almost every way, both emotionally, spiritually, and intimately. To make this a reality, they have to understand each other perfectly and be there for each other always.

Nobody wants a partner who is always distant because such relationships can’t thrive. People want a relationship whereby, even in their worst moments and best moments, even when they are happy or sad, they can always reach out to their partner and spend time with them.

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You have to be intimate emotionally with your partner to have a secure attachment to your partner. This is the reason why some partners can’t stay a week without each other because the level of emotional attachment between them is very high.

Emotional Responsiveness.(Personality Traits)

Someone who has a secure attachment style with their partner is always open and responsive to their partner, both physically and emotionally. There is no time to cut corners in their relationship; they are open to each other about everything knowing full well that it is wrong to keep secrets. They make sure to always be there for each other no matter the situation and time. They know that it takes two to tango, and they are much willing to make the sacrifices for their happiness. They feel present to each other and also are always aware of each other’s presence.

Emotionally Secure.

A person who has a secure attachment style is always emotionally secure. This is because they trust each other, and they derive their happiness from each other. Their general happiness is not shaken by major disturbances in their lives because they always have a shoulder to lean on, someone to always support them at such times and be there for them always.

The happenings in their lives don’t push them to the edge because of the emotional comfort which they already have in their partner.

Showing Compassion.(Personality Traits)

A person who has a secure attachment style will always show empathy and is always understanding with his or her partner and also with others. Such a person is always kind and jovial. They understand the pains of others and that of their partners and will try to do everything possible to make sure that the pains are taken away.

Even in a situation where they are unable to take the pains away completely, they always make sure to give their support, love, and care. They want to be sure that they don’t do anything that will bring back memories that they are working tirelessly for their partner to forget, and they make the happiness of their partner their number one priority.

Understanding Others’ Emotions.

People with secure attachment styles are excellent when it comes to mind reading and also emotions reading. They are always able to read the emotions of their partners, even when their partners try to conceal their pains with a smile. They are always able to figure it out.

This is what makes it very possible for them to know how to respond to their partners more easily and effectively. With this special ability, they know how to respond when their partner is sad, angry, and when he or she is happy. And with this ability also, they find it easy to know what to do at any point to pull their partners out of negative emotions and brighten them up again. They are also able to pick up on their mates’ feelings and will be more skilled in understanding their partner.

Great Self-confidence.

Secure people like the way who they are, they are always happy with themselves. They are confident in whatever they do, and they believe in their abilities to be successful in whatever they put their mind into doing. They are also very secure about their worth to others.

When a person is secure in himself or herself, it makes it possible for them to attract to themselves emotionally healthy partners. Then a good bond is formed because they are more likely to feel secure in the love of their partner and to trust that love is genuine.

Understanding Your Emotions.(Personality Traits)

People who have this trait are always able to understand their emotions perfectly. They know what they want at every point in their life. They are always careful, especially when it comes to matters of emotions because they can easily distinguish between love and lust. They don’t confuse their feelings like confusing frustration with anger. They are always real when it comes to their emotions, and they know exactly what they are experiencing and also what they want.

Know-How to Manage Negative Emotions.

People like this don’t just jump into making decisions about anything in their lives. They take time to process every bit of information they have and also how to manage the negative emotions that will come with such a decision before they decide to do anything. Because of this trait, it is almost impossible for anything to take them by surprise because they’re prepared for anything. They understand those things might happen because of the decision they have taken.

Confident.(Personality Traits)

They know and believe in their abilities very well, they know their worth and will always strive to maintain that status which they have created for themselves. They utilize their talents and abilities very well in a variety of skills and situations, and they make sure to improve on those skills and talents to become better than before. They are always confident of being able to deliver whenever they are being called upon. The same thing applies to their relationships; they know their worth.

Able to Withstand Defeats.

They believe that whatever that doesn’t kill them is teaching them a lesson, and they are always ready to learn from every experience that they have. While others are feeling defeated and gloomy in the face of defeat, people with a secure attachment style are learning from the defeats and getting ready to rise again. The same thing applies to their relationships; they are more capable of working through difficult times in a relationship.

Well, those are the 10 personality traits necessary to have a secure attachment style. I hope that you enjoyed my explanation. Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and experiences in the comment section below.