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Narcissists You May Be Attracting

Every type and category of human personality has an endowment that attracts the rest of the others to them. For…

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Every type and category of human personality has an endowment that attracts the rest of the others to them. For Narcissists, they all have something so inviting about them that makes it practically impossible to resist them when they approach you. Meanwhile, they are just elements of bittersweet. Narcissists charm you with what seems to be a flawless attitude, but when they have drawn you closer with a spell, they become so toxic to bear. At this point, it becomes tough for you to leave them because you are already too attached.

The big question here is; Since Empaths and Narcissists are two different, or rather, opposite types of personalities, why do they have a magnetic pull towards each other? The relationship between these two different personalities might be life’s way of trying to bring balance.

Talking about Empaths, they show deep care and compassion towards others. One of their primary purposes here on earth is to heal others. Nevertheless, they sometimes fail in creating healthy boundaries for themselves. Because of this, they end up becoming victims of their kindness, love, and sacrifices for others. Now considering Narcissists, they are just like the reverse and inverse of Empaths. Despite the fact, they have irresistible and inviting personalities, yet they are cruel, selfish and uncaring. They want to take the goodies out of you and then dump you.

These two personalities jell together because they seem to complete one another. Just imagine an empath meeting empaths, although, it could be a perfect combination as well; at some point, they won’t feel purposeful, because they can’t really heal each other, and their major assignment is to improve and help people. Although, this statement is not entirely correct since the relationship between empaths can be more fulfilling than what you think. However, guys, this is not the point in today’s video, so let’s focus more on the relationship between Narcissists and Empaths first.

A lot of Narcissist go through rejection because of their attitude. Probably when they show their real character, people run away from them. You can’t blame people who avoid Narcissists, because they are too toxic.

Meanwhile, it is worthy of note for the empaths that they can’t heal Narcissists just like that. Healing comes when Narcissists decides to get healed when they choose to have a change in attitude. The original intent of Narcissists getting to meet empaths is for the sole aim of exploiting them, taking advantage of their energies and kindness. If the Empath doesn’t know how to control the toxic attitude of a Narcissist, he or she might end up breaking down.

Let me share you these four types of Narcissists you may be attracting as an empath.

You know, many Empaths receive a lot of advice against meeting with narcissists. While this is true, it’s also a form of disempowerment. Empaths are there to heal people; most times, they attract Narcissists. When you get separated from your essence, you have no value. Therefore, it is essential for empaths to know the types of Narcissists so they can know how to act around them, rather than avoiding them. This way, you have a choice; you can choose to avoid them, going no contact, or put up a strong defensive wall against them.

There are two main types of Narcissists.

Vulnerable Narcissists (Vn’s).

This category of Narcissists is usually shy and quiet by nature. They utilize the advantage of their vulnerability to get what they want. VN’s are very skilled in manipulating others, and they are very good with mind games. Keep in mind that they’re not different from other Narcissists who can’t love genuinely.

Invulnerable Narcissists (In’s)

IN’s are just right to the true definition of narcissists. They have the case of Superiority Complex. They feel themselves to be above everyone else. They are immensely egocentric, trying to place themselves above everyone else. They are out just for what they’ll gain, and most times it is by exploiting the kindness of others. The critical difference between VN’s and IN’s is that while the VN’s idolizes other people, the IN’s worship themselves.

The two major types of Narcissists Vulnerable and Invulnerable narcissists can be further broken down into four (4) unofficial types, and they are as follows.

The Compensatory Narcissist.

This category of narcissists possesses ‘lying’ as a superpower. They are gifted liars. Compensatory Narcissists like to compensate for things they never even came close to achieving. They lie about their achievements so that people view them to be what they are not. Their targets are usually people who are unstable emotionally so they can be their ego boosters. These kinds of narcissists hate criticism and can’t bear it; for this, they bully people who are unstable emotionally into serving as their support.

The Malignant Narcissists.

This category of Narcissists is more like Psychopaths. They are not bothered about what is right or what is wrong. Whatever comes to their mind, they act or do it without thinking about if anybody is hurt or not. Even when their actions hurt people, they are unapologetic and feel no remorse for it.

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Their level of arrogance is just out of this world, and they suffer from a god-complex which makes them feel they are the only ones who matter, and every other person is inferior to them. For Empaths, you must watch out for these kinds of Narcissists because they have not even the least good to offer. You can relate with them at arm’s length, try to affect them from a distance. When you come very close to them, you will surely fall for their irresistible first-time attitude, and getting out of that web will be quite an uphill task for you.

 The Elitist Narcissists.

This category of narcissist has the conviction they are the best, even when their pedigree says otherwise. There is no concrete evidence for them to think they are better than others, but, they think they are. Elitists Narcissist operate in fantasy. They are in dire need to brag and show off their intellect to others to make themselves superior.

 The Amorous Narcissist.

Amorous Narcissist are dangerous heart breakers and gold diggers. The two major things they are looking out for are; Money and sex. Once they get what they need from you, they get done. They are the most attractive category of Narcissist, but they don’t care any bit about your feelings or emotions. Once they have filled their needs and pleased themselves, then it’s  goodbye.

Well, those are 4 types of narcissist you may be attracting as an empath.