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Heyoka Empath: 5 Signs You Are The Most Powerful Empath.

the most valued and the one at the apex of them all is the “Heyoka.”

The most striking thing to know about all empaths is their interest in showing empathy towards people; they have the innate capacity to discern what people feel and experience but the Heyoka empaths are the most powerful empath.

Though all empaths possess this admirable trait that discerns them from all other humans, yet, the most valued and the one at the apex of them all is the “Heyoka.”
However, those considered Heyoka empaths are extremely few among the empaths.
They view things very differently compared to others.

Always Interrupting People.

Heyoka empaths often interrupt people, even when it is not deliberate or intentional.
They can’t wait for their turn.
Although, It is crucial to note that this is unconnected to pride or the desire to break protocol.Let’s quickly consider the reasons behind this:
One, it is innate, that is to say, it is only natural with one who is a Heyoka.
Two, they might want to do what comes to their mind instantaneously because a further delay can cause them to forget it.
So many times, a lot of stuff runs through the mind of an Empath, and it might not just be so easy to recall whatever that has escaped their memory.

Preoccupied with Fantasies of Unlimited abilities.

Heyokas, most times, believe they possess power, brilliance, beauty, and so much more, which is virtual.
The level of quality they sense to possess does not exist.
Sometimes, the fantasy tends to be so real to them that they, to an extent, try to demonstrate magical powers.
Failed attempts would make them realize they are mere humans, but that is the level of imagination they operate.

Often a muse to others.

You might get a life-changing insight when you have an in-depth conversation with a Heyoka. One who is a Heyoka often passes healthy inspiration to others when they get into detailed discussions; this is because Heyokas are insightful people. Empaths can put you through whatever situation you are going through, advise you when you find yourself in crossroads, in any form of conditions.

They often take other people’s problems even more seriously than theirs. They do not want to see people unhappy and moody, so they deploy all they have to inspire people once they have the privilege to do so.people’s

Always chooses an unusual direction.

Heyokas, as the most powerful empath, do not go the general direction every other person tows.
They act like they are in a different world altogether.
Their paradigm and orientation seem to be different from that of every other person.
It makes them unique, but on the other hand, it makes it quite difficult for them to flow with others easily.

Most times, when they try to relate with others who have different views and beliefs about things, they can be a little harsh.
It’s because they think differently than others, so they often end up not having succour conclusions about things, because they spend more time doing aggressive arguments.

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