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Key Differences Between ISTJ And INTJ Personality Types

ISTJ and INTJ personality types often come as confusing to many people. This is because they share a lot of…

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ISTJ and INTJ personality types often come as confusing to many people. This is because they share a lot of similarities. But be that as it may, in this blog post, we will discuss the key distinguishing factors between INTJs and ISTJs.

The way INTJs and ISTJs perceive: (Their Perspection)

INTJs make use of introverted intuition (Ni). This means that they think about the big picture, and they are in love with theories. They do not believe so much in practicals.

Rather, they see practicals as too stressful, so they are always okay with the theories provided. Many hold these theories to be correct.

This also means that instincts and insights into the future drive INTJs’ personality types. They find no fun in ruminating; likewise, they are always hungry for new adventures and are always looking for new pathways that no one has explored yet.

Overall, they are more interested in trailblazing a new idea than improving on an existing one.

ISTJs, on the other hand, make use of introverted sensing (Si). They are always on the lookout for details. ISTJs are more concerned with provable facts.

They do not believe in theories; instead, they want to see before they believe. ISTJs are practical in their dealing; they are down-to-earth and focused on achievable objectives and problems.

Furthermore, ISTJs have a superb ability to recall past events in detail. They find fun in remembering the fun moments they had, and they enjoy repeating the daily routines they love.

Overall, they like knowing what will happen, what to expect, and building a daily routine that gives them steadiness and safety.

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ISTJs plan significantly for the future – Differences Between ISTJ And INTJ Personality Types

ISTJs love to make sure that everything they do is orderly and well arranged. For this reason, they do not support spontaneity. They make sure to try their best to create a good life for their family, children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren.

Like it is said above, they are always focused on viable projects. This makes it easier for them to achieve more than INTJs. They do not do anything that will not yield practical results.

The INTJs, on the other hand, do not believe in practicality. They are okay with the theories and, therefore, are always going with the trend. They take life how it comes, thinking that every new day will be better than the previous one.

INTJs see patterns, trends, symbols, and hidden meanings quickly.

As already known, INTJs do not believe in practicality. They are okay with the theories provided people have accepted them. They are good to go. This makes it easy for them to always read between the lines.

They can concentrate so much on the future that they lose sight of what is happening in the present. They are individualistic, tremendously independent, and find routine and practical matters boring.

The only thing that drives the INTJs is their inspirations, but the funny thing is that they have no idea where the inspiration comes from. Because of how driven by their hunches they are, the knowledge of what to expect daily can be frustrating and make them feel monotonous. INTJs love spontaneity.