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INFJ Personality: The Bad, And The Ineffable Things About Them

Want to know more about the INFJ personality? The INFJ personality is another unique personality type among the 16 types…

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Want to know more about the INFJ personality? The INFJ personality is another unique personality type among the 16 types of personality.

Here are some specific details about the INFJ personality.


Perfectionism is one of the things that drives the INFJ personality. This is the reason why most INFJs never share their ideas with the rest of the world.

They feel there is always something lacking, and they want to solve that one problem before letting the rest of the world know what they have done.

Hence, making most of their works not to be seen by the rest of the world because they are never satisfied.

Self-criticism- INFJ Personality

The high level of self-awareness of the INFJ sometimes takes a negative focus. When this happens, the INFJ is forced to criticize themselves negatively and harshly because of their self-believed imperfections, thus denying themselves the compassionate understanding they show to others. 

Note, INFJ personality types share three personality preferences with ENFJ. Hence, they might have some traits similar to each other.


 INFJs are most times not connected or concentrated to their physical reality. Therefore, this makes them suffer from ineptness because they start wondering how something happened to them without them knowing.

They also suffer from spaciness and start losing taste in tasks that are practical and require practical details.

High Sensitivity – Personality Trait of the INFJ

Most INFJs are highly sensitive, making them vulnerable to stimulation from the external environment. This overly sensitive nature of theirs also makes them easily hurt by negative feedback from other people they take to heart.

INFJ love’s strength is not for the faint of heart, and more happy-go-lucky types are constantly reprimanding them for lightening up and take things less seriously, which is conflicting to their nature.

Slow Processing

INFJs have a quiet way of processing ideas. This is because they build their ideas from scratch, so they need enough time to process them before reacting or taking them out. The same goes for when someone requires something or ideas from the INFJ.

They often take time to give answers because they need enough time to process before saying anything. This is one of the reasons why these people have difficulty expressing themselves verbally.

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Though INFJs deeply care about their loved ones and need close relationships.

Also, they have a challenging need to frequently pull out into total isolation, which sometimes can be problematic and challenging for others to comprehend.

Trust Issues- INFJ Personality Traits

INFJs have a hard time opening up to people, and when they eventually begin to trust a person, they do this very slowly and with a lot of caution.

They reveal themselves one step at a time because they need to be sure of who they are, opening up their vulnerabilities to not play at the end.

One-sided Relationships and Alienation

INFJs are great lovers. When they get into relationships, they love so much and give their best to grow that relationship.

Most times, this love and care are not reciprocated; they end up focusing so much on their partner while forgetting about their needs.

Also, they live through life as if they are different from the rest of the world if they realize that they are taken for granted. They feel misunderstood, undervalued, and invisible to those around us.