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If You Relate To These 5 Signs You Might Be An ENFJ Personality

5 signs you might be An ENFJ personality. What are the signs? Have you observed that you have bits of…

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5 signs you might be An ENFJ personality. What are the signs? Have you observed that you have bits of these character traits in you? Outgoing, sensitive, funny, and loving. If yes, then you might be an ENFJ.

What’s An ENFJ Personality?

ENFJ is one of the 12 Myers Briggs personality type indicators. Of all the personality types, with others like ENTJ, INFP, INSP. ENFJ”s are known to have the strongest people-centered personality.

The acronym ENFJ stands for

  • Extraverted (I.e., always wanting to spend time outdoor)
  • Intuitive (think and analyze things critically)
  • Feeling (likely to make decisions based on feelings),
  • Judgment ( good at organizing and making well thought out plans).

The opposite personality type is the ISTP. ENTJ’s are charming, funny, and witty individuals. People love to be with them because they are friendly fellows who effortlessly intermingle and make friends. They even make friends with introverts.

They are so drawn to people because they are susceptible to people’s feelings and pay close attention. No wonder they are very People orientated. Here are some other traits of the ENFJ.

5 Signs You Might Be An ENFJ Personality

1. High Extroversion

They love it when they hang out, spending time with friends and acquaintances. They love parties, picnics, hangouts, and anything fun.

Also,  because they are warm and friendly, they easily flow well with the crowd. They are one of the most popular, if not the most popular person in any group.

2. You Bring People Together

They are excellent mediators. Good at settling issues. This is because they are accessible and friendly; warring parties may easily listen to them and reconcile.

They are also natural leaders because they motivate, inspire, encourage other people by their way of life.

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3. Put other people’s needs above their own – Third sign you might be an ENFJ personality

ENFJs are so people-centered, and most times, they help people even to their detriment. Helping others is their life’s goal, and it consumes them so much that they don’t also make time for themselves.

They wouldn’t easily blame others but are so hard on themselves when things go wrong. Also, they are their own worse critics, beating their selves too hard sometimes. They are shy to receive credits for an achievement they rightly deserve. Because they go all out to help people and neglect self-care, they get drained and burn out.

4. Introverted Intuition

ENFJ’s live in the future rather than now. Their thoughts usually wander on the future goals, achievements, such that they sometimes forget about immediate things that need to be done. When they have a plan in mind, their intuitive mind kicks in, and they begin to process and analyze from different angles.

5. Extraverted Sensing

They’re good at observing and taking in details about their environment about people, and life. Their Extraverted sensing makes them think outwardly more than inward. The fact that they observe make them good artists, painters, even writers. It also makes them have high sensitivity to people’s needs and shows concern, which is why they are always ready to lend a helping hand to others.