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How Empaths Can Always Be Positive Around Negative Energies.

Dear Empaths, Here’s How You Can Always Be Positive Around Negative Energies. We sometimes think about how we can stay…

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Dear Empaths, Here’s How You Can Always Be Positive Around Negative Energies.

We sometimes think about how we can stay positive while negative people in this messy world keep surrounding us. When you notice that you’re sensitive to other people’s energies, you immediately realize that you need some ways to deal with it.

As a sensitive person, you can feel what was going on when you just entered the room.

Even more, when you just met someone, you can quickly find out what she or he is all about.

Being an empath means you can feel the energies and emotions of others like they are yours. As not all emotions are positive, you may get easily overwhelmed by negative energies.

So, dear empaths, here is how you can always be positive even when you’re around negative energies.

1. Let go of your wish to change other people’s negative tendencies- How Empaths Can Always Be Positive Around Negative Energies.

You can set a good example for several people, while others can’t follow this example. It will help maintain your equilibrium when you recognize the difference.

Don’t be taken in by the energy of emotional blackmailers, manipulators, and other bad people by trying to control the things you can’t control desperately.

You can’t control other people’s behavior.

2. Cleanse your aura regularly

As an empath, you’re interacting with other people’s energies daily. You keep picking up energies like a sponge, even though it’s never your intention to absorb those energies.

Receiving that much energy every day without cleansing your energy regularly will put more burdens on your shoulders.

You should make a conscious effort to differentiate those energies that belong to you and those that are not. Wash away everything that doesn’t belong to you and slowly make your aura shiny and bright.

3. Set and enforce limits/Boundaries- How Empaths Can Always Be Positive Around Negative Energies.

Negative people who are stuck in their problems but can’t focus on solving their problems are tough to deal with. They want people, especially people like you, to join their pity party 24/7 so they can feel better about themselves.

When you listen to their complaints, you may feel pressured because you don’t want to be seen as rude or callous, but you need to remember a fine line between caring and getting involved in their emotional, negative drama.

Setting and distancing yourself from them is one of the ways to avoid this drama.

Think about this: if negative people were cigarettes’ chain-smoking, would you let yourself sit down beside them and inhaling their smoke?

Of course not; that’s why give yourself some breathing room when you have to by setting some boundaries.

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4. Don’t just react – respond mindfully.

A reaction is a boiling, thoughtless, and explosion of emotion, which is sometimes driven by your ego (as humans, we tend to react when our logical mind is not connected to us).

When you’re confused or angry after dealing with negative people, that’s a sign you have reacted instead of responded mindfully.

Instead, you’ll feel that you handled things with poise and integrity when you respond mindfully.

When you meet somebody with a bad attitude, don’t respond by saying negative things back at them. Don’t lower yourself to their level.

5. Being straightforward instead of being nice.

Once empaths finally find out what they want and the right thing to do, they need to communicate clearly and directly with other people.

When people are honest and direct, it would be more harmonious not only for empaths but also for people involved. Empaths can feel much better by being straightforward, and the people around them will appreciate such honesty.

Tune into your inner voice instead of the inner voice of others.

The truth is empaths sometimes end-up becoming people-pleasers who only know how to satisfy others. They tend to over-give or decide something based on others’ happiness instead of their own.

It’ll be more difficult for them to know what they want since they keep making others’ choices.

That’s why it’s important to listen more to your inner voice. Once you know what you want, you can release yourself from negative people.