Saturday, October 2, 2021
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4 Ways Empaths Sabotage Their Relationships Without Knowing

In empaths relationships for instance, keeping a relationship is hard work. There are moments of ups and downs and challenges. …

In empaths relationships for instance, keeping a relationship is hard work. There are moments of ups and downs and challenges.  Sometimes you get so fed up that you wish to quit.
Nobody comes with an already made manual on how to go about keeping a lasting relationship, so we have to do our best to make it work.

Humans desire to have a healthy and long-lasting relationship, but sometimes they personally end the so cherished relationships.

Empaths are known as relationships self saboteurs, to protect themselves from abandonment and hurt, they end up pushing off their partners. Empaths sometimes struggle to find and feel loved, this makes them fear, and their fears could transpose into all that they do in their relationship, preventing them from building something healthy and tangible with their partners.

As an empath, if you find out that you are a very loving person but cannot understand why your relationship is always not working out, it may be time you look deeply inward and check if you are at fault.
Let’s take a look at 4 Ways Empath Sabotage Their Relationships Without Knowing.

Compromising Boundaries All The Time

By nature, empaths are nurturers. They have this crazy understanding that they have to sacrifice before they can be continuously loved. They do not know that love comes freely and deeply and not usually with any special price to pay. Because of their constant need to sacrifice for their partners, they go overboard, doing things that are not necessarily needed all in a bid to please. Usually, they give up their personal space, right and freedoms. They also do not state things they do not like how they expect to be treated in the relationship. They can usually accept whatever kind of treatment they get from the relationship so as to make their partners happy, and they want to avoid issues springing up. This attitude usually makes their partners take them for granted. All this leads to the build-up of confusion, resentment, anger, frustration and even breakup. 

 Self Neglect

 All a bid to express love to their partners, empaths can be so focused on their partners that they forget about themselves altogether. Empaths do this to the extent that, they become buried in the shadows of the one they love, that they start losing themselves in the process. They may stop hanging out with friends, the things they were once passionate about becomes forgotten. Empaths focus less on work or keeping other relationships. All the time, their mind is always occupied with thoughts of their partners. This can make their partners no longer enjoy the “real person” they first saw them to be, not someone who now hides in their shadows. Their partners could even feel suffocated when they display love to such an extent. Empaths self-neglect will make them lose happiness and self-esteem because they are spending building another person, not themselves.

Their Needs Are Not Expressed

It is hard to tell what an empath wants because they do not always express it. They usually do not feel the importance of expressing their needs early on in a relationship. Most of their partners do not know how to make them feel loved and cherished hence the empath begins to feel unloved and that the relationship is one-sided.

They Speak On Behalf Of Their Partners

Empaths are people-oriented, it is true that they understand a great deal about people. But they make this constant mistake of thinking that they know all there is to know about a person. It is so bad that they also bring this habit into their relationships.

When issues come up, they resolve it in their usual way of thinking for themselves and others. They would think they have found the best solution that favors both partners.  Empaths need to know that two persons can never think the same way. They need to relax and let other people take the lead sometimes. And they need to know communication is a two-way street. Empaths need to stop assuming that they know it all, as it does not help at all.