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Why Empaths Are the Best Mind Detective

Empaths are people who can sense what people around them are thinking and feeling, even without being told. But at…

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Empaths are people who can sense what people around them are thinking and feeling, even without being told. But at the same time, empaths are also regular humans; they are not immune to negative feelings such as jealousy and anger. Since empaths can feel others’ emotions more deeply and intensely, even if you try so hard to hide your feelings, more often than not, they will still sense that you’re hiding something. Therefore, it’s better if you don’t try to mess with them.

For instance, empaths almost never have a hard time to sense your hate, sorrow, anger, jealousy, and love toward others or even the empaths themselves. Even when you’re trying so hard to hide your intentions, empaths can still understand you.

Empath’s ability may be heard as something lucrative and interesting, but sometimes, this ability makes it hard for them to distinguish their own feelings from those of others. This is because they have a natural ability to absorb others’ emotional feelings, even when they don’t really want to do it.

We can say that this ability is the best gift for empaths, but this can also be a significant burden for them. And since empaths can understand your feelings only by looking at you, of course, you better shouldn’t mess with any of the empaths. If you still want to know why, here are the six reasons that will make you think twice.

Mask doesn’t work with the empaths.

You can’t become “a wolf in sheep’s clothing” in front of empaths. You can’t deceive the empaths just by telling them that you have good intentions while hiding dark agendas inside of your heart. You will never be able to pass the empaths’ screening test.

Therefore, the empaths will love to become a friend with someone who is honest and genuine to them. They can distinguish people in disguise and people who cover their bad intentions with a seemingly nice appearance.

They can sense negative feelings easily.

The empaths will easily sense negative feelings such as hatred and jealousy that every people tend to have. They can see these negative energies as clear as day when they see your eyes. They don’t need such a big effort to sense these negative feelings since they can see them at first glance. Sometimes, they even sense them unconsciously.

Therefore, hiding negative feelings such as hatred and jealousy doesn’t work to the empaths. Even when your intention is good, as to not wanting to make them feel sad, it still doesn’t do any good with empaths. If you want to get rid of the negative feelings inside your heart, instead of hiding your feeling, it’s better to invite the empath to be around you. Be as honest as possible; your empath friend will be more than willing to help you.

Otherwise, if you harbor negative feelings toward the empaths, then you better stay out of them. The empaths will directly understand your negative tendencies.

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You can’t lie in front of empaths.

Most people even say that empaths are the best natural lie detectors because they sense the possibility of whether someone is telling the truth or not. They can easily sense the roller coaster emotions when someone is lying, thanks to their acute sensitivity.

When someone is lying, their mind will work faster to arrange more arguments. Those arguments are made to hide their previous lies, and they keep making small lies to cover all their lies. Thus, their mind and their emotion will be shaky and unstable. This negative emotion will be easily felt by empaths.

Of course, an empath may not be 100% sure if someone is lying, one of the reasons is because the empath just worried if his feeling is wrong. But absolutely, the empath can notice the signal that is coming from the liar. The empath can spot both small lies and big lies.

See the prejudices clearly.

Empaths are people who can’t stand with bigotry. An empath will see the prejudice that is spinning in your head at first glance. Therefore, if you ever have those negative things in your mind, most likely, the empath will try to avoid you.

One thing you should know is that the ability of empath to understand someone’s emotion is different from prejudice. Empaths can feel emotions at an intense level of someone’s consciousness, while prejudices are prejudice.

Therefore, if you can’t get rid of the prejudice inside your head, you better walk away from the empath’s face.

You can’t portray other characters in front of an empath.

Some people may try to cover their true identities in front of people and become another person. You may be playing the tough guy in front of your group, but you can’t stay this way when you are in front of empaths.

They will sense your true heart and feeling when you build drama around you. The empath may tell you privately about what they sense about you. But, sometimes, if they get frustrated with your acts, they may ask you to stop openly.

You can’t say that you’re fine while you’re not.

Not only being able to sense negative feelings toward others inside someone’s mind, but the empath is also able to sense your real condition. Some people may cover their bad situations and say to others that they’re fine. Of course, just as empaths can sense your emotions, you can’t say you’re okay while you’re not in front of the empath.

Because empath is able to relate to others’ feelings, they may offer you some help if you want to discuss the problem to them. But of course, it is your own choice whether you wish to discuss your issue or not.

Well, those are the reasons why empaths are the best mind detectives, and you shouldn’t play mind games with them because they can sense your intentions.
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