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6 Signs You May Be An Empath-Warrior.

The strongest trait of being an empath is their ability to observe and connect with people. This is because they…

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The strongest trait of being an empath is their ability to observe and connect with people. This is because they can understand people better than any others. But unfortunately, empaths tend to suffer from various consequences such as frustration, feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. On the other hand, a warrior individual is inclined to be a fearless, courageous, bold, and strong person.

They have the belief that they should fight for justice and deliver a strong message for the sake of a better world. So, when you meet an Empath-Warrior in your lives, then you have encountered someone who is not only empathic, but they’re fearless and strong too. That’s why they’re referred to as Empath Warriors, that is about as powerful as it can get.

Bear in mind that being an empath doesn’t mean you are a warrior as well. But, there are multiple signs that you can pay attention to if you want to know whether you are an empath warrior or not. Of course, being an empath warrior entails a bigger effort and takes time compared to only going through the signs in this video. At least, it can be your first stepping stone that’s beneficial for your early identification.

You often get lost in your thoughts.

Like I said before, you always have intense determination to connect yourself with others deeply, and you have this desire to do something fabulous for the world.

You have a strong mind, so you often delve deep into your mind and sometimes even lose track of time. Your mind is the only place where you can feel fully protected and can be your true self. That’s why, you often daydream about all those great actions like heroic speeches, becoming the one who stands up for those who can’t defend their own voice, or turning into a guardian angel for people who need help the most.

Since this is your heaven on earth, those dreams feel so real until sometimes it is hard to distinguish between the actual realm and those in your mind. But when something wakes you up, you find yourself cuddling your pet or bolster, surrounded by a book and a blanket.

People may say that your vision is either too utopist or unrealistic, but you keep daydreaming regardless. Quite on the contrary, it motivates you to start doing positive things to the world around you.

You are always passionate and have a big vision.

Becoming a person who has a big vision sometimes makes you pay less attention to small details. Otherwise, you might be driven with anything on a larger scale of which you can’t handle anymore. It doesn’t mean you are not a detail-oriented person, though. You still organize your work, but you see this as just the way to dive into the bigger views. Instead of prioritizing only to this small thing, you have far greater goals that you want to achieve.

This is why you can overcome any changes quickly because you don’t bother yourself with trivial things. You know that everything always has connections, and your job is to connect the red dots towards the greater goals.

You have this urge to change things around you.

You see the whole world differently; this is why you often feel that things can be done differently so that the outcome would be better. You have a big mind and vision, so, naturally, you want to change things around you so more people can reap the benefits.

You may not change everything alone, obviously. Still, you believe that you’re given this ability because you have to deliver a message whenever you notice something around you needs some changes. Sadly, people maybe don’t believe you and even mock you simply because they have no understanding of what it’s like to be an empath warrior. This is because you have a deeper connection to the world around you that you begin to see things differently from others.

You face a tremendous war with your inner self.(Empath-warrior)

Facing continuous conflict inside our minds is never easy. Sometimes the out-loud voice is so immensely disturbing. If it gets worse, an empath-warrior will barely do whatever their routine is on auto-pilot, even for the easiest one.

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They tend to undergo perplexity when they are surrounded by difficult people. In normal circumstances, it is easy to spot any negative vibes in their surroundings. But when it comes to these “difficult people”, sometimes their empathy is so eager to find out what people were going through until they became this difficult. You believe that your mission is to help others, but with these difficult people, you will have to sacrifice a lot more and probably still not enough.

In the end, you have this never-ending class in your mind thinking about whether you’ll go to help them or pretend you never saw anything.

It is hard to find someone who understands you.

It is a common thing, or probably most of us have experienced this thing, that there is a moment when we feel like no one can understand us. Unfortunately, this is worse when it comes to empath-warrior life. Eventually, it makes them so picky in terms of choosing friends or family who deserve to know their stories and what is going on with their current life.

You may notice some empaths are more drawn to another empath; this is because they believe they will feel safe, that they are free to shout out their expressions, and they don’t have to be afraid of unfair judgment.

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With such a big world inside their minds, they never actually feel lonely, but they do, at times, feel alone.

You need encouragement (Empath warrior)

Dealing with inner conflicts and what people think about an empath is indeed exhausting. Their sensitivity is good to bridge with people’s feelings, but sometimes it makes them feel overwhelmed and drained. So, they need encouragement from their surroundings.

There is always an in between, a place where an empath-warrior feels the struggle of how to make the betterment of our earth, to establish justice. But the biggest obstacle is, people tend to throw away the sense of humanity, and they forget how important love and compassion is. At a time like this, you need someone who can encourage you despite your strong will and personality. You just can’t fight the whole world alone.

Well, those are the 6 signs that you may be an empath-warrior.