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When An Empath Loves A Narcissist.

People often get into draining and toxic unions and relationships, but they never have and can’t be one that’s worse…

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People often get into draining and toxic unions and relationships, but they never have and can’t be one that’s worse than when an empath falls in love with a narcissist.

An empath and a narcissist coming together is a terrible duo because the two personalities are like parallel lines which never get to meet.

Empaths are conventionally perceived to be weak people and victims of their benevolence.

Empaths are one of the most energetic beings, they carry the burdens of so many people on their shoulders, and they don’t break easily. Empaths are known to be healers of society, they heal a lot of people, and yet they still take care of themselves. Empaths hate seeing people burdened, and they take up the challenge as theirs, put in their best effort to heal the person in turmoil.

Nevertheless, when narcissists enter the scene, if an empath doesn’t have a level of control over their emotions, they end up becoming sponges that absorb the wrong energies of the exploitative narcissists.

The reason why things go wrong between empaths and narcissists is that; Empaths are out to heal the world because they feel uncomfortable whenever someone is in pains, while narcissists capitalize on that to attach themselves to empaths. The Narcissist doesn’t need healing; they are just there to exploit the goodness and strength of empaths, narcissists get into relationships with empaths to manipulate, belittle and use the empath.

So, here are five major things that happen when an empath loves a Narcissist.

Beautiful And Ecstatic Beginning.

Almost all relationships have a rosy and a roller-coaster start, feels so divine at the beginning, but it doesn’t take very long for the beauty that comes with a start to fade away and disappear into thin air.

It’s normal in every new relationship. Nevertheless, the way it happens when an empath falls in love with a narcissist seems so unreal. The commitment and affection is something else because the empath does everything wholeheartedly, and without grumbles. Narcissists love themselves in excess and always seek love from others, but this is what the empath does, showing love to other people and forgetting himself or herself.

The spark ‘in the beginning’ seems to bring a prayer answered for the Narcissist and even the empath. One other reason that makes a start electrifying is the fact that an empath shows love to a lot of people and it never gets exhausted, how much more now that he or she has found love? All the love, energy and empathy is showered on one person that they love.

The highest level of exploitation comes at the beginning of the relationship because it’s the phase when the narcissists make some efforts to impress the empath. The little effort convinces the empath beyond all reasonable doubts, at this point, the empath can do things hard to believe for the so-called “True Love”. Narcissists never fail to capitalize on the naivety of the empaths at this point.

It Creates A Relationship Of Control For The Narcissist.

Narcissists always want to gain control over every other person, and they want to be the source even though they might not have what it takes. When the relationship starts, the narcissists always want the empath to be dependent on them for everything. The narcissists try to make the empath feel that the empaths are favoured to have them, and there is no other person out there that can do them that favour. When the empath sees through the false views of the Narcissist, they end up being loyal and submissive to a fault.

 Conflicts Regularly Arise At Some Point In The Relationship.

A heart that always understands gets fatigued when it keeps on getting hurt. The fact that empaths are loving and accommodating doesn’t make them clowns.

When they’re pushed to the wall, they become repulsive, and this introduces a lot of conflicts. When an empath feels the Narcissist doesn’t meet his or her needs, agitation follows. The empath, at this point, is becoming almost like a narcissist. Probably because that’s the experience he or she has been getting for so long in the relationship. The Narcissist tags it to be selfish behaviour; at this point, nobody wants to take the blame and makeup anymore, then conflicts becomes inevitable.

When The Relationship Ends, The Empath Feels Guilty.

It is natural for empaths to be kind and always try to make up for things that are not even their faults. But when they can’t take anymore, and the relationship ends, the wrong words the narcissists regularly dropped in their heart makes them feel guilty.

It makes empaths feel the break up is their fault, whereas this is just the Narcissist plan all along. The empath feels terrible and thinks it was selfish to talk about their own needs. Toxic words of narcissists can even make you think you are worse than the devil, whereas faults creep in always from them.

 One Gives And The Other Takes

This is one thing about the relationship between empaths and narcissists; they seem to bring equilibrium and balance to each others’ lives. The empath keeps giving while the Narcissist keeps taking becomes a routine. But, is this a healthy balance in the relationship? No, of course, it’s not.

Naturally, the empath loves to serve, where the narcissists want to be served. Sometimes, this factor makes it look like the relationship is going to last and stand the test of time because their personalities balance each other out.

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Especially to the empath, it’s a dream come through, fulfilling the purpose for which he or she was made, constantly healing someone, providing for the person, absorbing the good and bad energies, taking responsibility for someone’s actions and in-actions.

The relationship feels like a comfort zone for the two personalities, but the question is; how long can the empath keep giving without being appreciated? Narcissists are awful when it comes to thanking people for the favour given to them. Narcissists make it look like it is their right for other people to labour for them.

Well, those are 5 Major Things That Happen When An  Empath Loves  A Narcissist.