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Empath Healing: How To Stop Absorbing People’s Pain

empath healing: You are an amazing empath that the world needs. You need to utilize the potential of healing inside you as an empath

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Knowingly or unknowingly, all human beings absorb and emit vibrations of energy. Therefore, the most essential form of healing as an empath is one should rise above this world and its burden since there exist another vision in which we can explore.

Talking about highly empathic people, all humans actually have empathic tendencies at some levels. Some of us might not know it, but the rest find it out well. This justifies the series of mixed emotions, the confusion, the agony, and the anxiousness we face when we are talking to a person. But empaths, they feel those emotions more deeply and intensely, to the point that take those emotions as theirs.

Being an empath is a gift, but it comes with positive as well as negative sides in which you need to take a proper measure – Empath Healing.

The benefit of being an empath is that they can recognize the true form of energy inside us. Not only they can understand other people, but they can also heal both the world and themselves. Basically, they can judge a person without proof, or the need of other people telling them.

The negative side of being an empath is that they can fall into a situation full of chaos with too much energy around them. They tend to get mixed up feelings and emotions and even end up being a victim to that negative energy themselves.

But don’t worry since there are ways to face the negative sides and fix them. You need to utilize the potential of healing inside you as an empath so that you will not hurt yourself while you’re using your power to heal the world.

Have strong confidence.

As an empath, you have to believe in yourself that you have the power to change. Use that power for healing.

Barbara Marciniak stated that the moment you begin to vibrate your energy on the universe, you should start emitting the frequency you own instead of receiving. And at that moment, you start changing everything.

Find out other people positive’s sides.

Loving yourself is essential for you to do as an empath. But don’t forget that you help other people to love themselves too. That’s the way you can help them.

Show to other people around you about their talents, skills, and positive sides to make them feel amazing about themselves. When they feel that way, they learn to be optimistic and radiate positive energy too.

Let go your insecurity.

One of the biggest obstacles that prevent you from being a healer is insecurity. One thing that you should remember is that you don’t need to please everybody for them to like you.

If they don’t reciprocate your energy, if they don’t like you, there is no reason for you to pay attention to their attitude. You might feel lonely and alone, but you are strong enough to face everything yourself. On the other hand, you will lose your confidence once you depend on others.

In human’s subconscious mind, we have a tendency to be kind to everybody heedless of what type of people they are so that they will be kind to us. It’s their goodness acceptance that makes us feel relieved. Let go of your insecurity and throw it far away. We are not the same. People who have negative energy will never respond either accepts to the good ones.

Ask yourself whose feeling is that.

It can be quite hard to find out whose pain you are absorbing. That’s why you need to revisit your own experience and trace back how did you get the negative feeling you are having.

Your sadness can be from other people who just lost their loved ones, so it’s not really your feeling. You can maintain and control that by believing that all people will eventually die, nothing last here. By trying to let everything go, you will heal people around you too.

Change other people’s negativity into the positive one and be optimistic.

As an empath, you will soon get exhausted because of other people’s emotions and negativity if you’re feeling insecure. You absorb those emotions to feel other people’s pain while you should be a healer.

The way you can avoid this is to understand the pain and see the bright side of it instead of blatantly absorbing those emotions. If there is something that is not right, you don’t have to be panicked. There must be other alternatives. Know the positive sides of all things you face every day, keep it to yourself, and let go of the things that you don’t need. You will see that it will not only change your emotions to be better but also heal other people too.

Stay calm.

Don’t be panic, no matter how stressful and annoying your day is. Remember that you can heal everything, even when someone drags you in a zone full of drama and problem. Remember that everything will be okay. Don’t become anxious or react too much towards negative things because it can trigger your negative vibration to show up and create more problems.

All you have to do is just to focus on yourself and the positivity of this world. Believe in yourself that you can heal the world.

Have compassion.

The word compassion is the second strongest word you should keep in you after love. Just focus on what you can do to support other people rather than allowing yourself to feel all of the emotions.

All in all, the healer is you. You are an amazing empath that the world needs; these seven ways will help you throw out the negativity and sadness that sometimes aren’t yours and change that into something positive and supportive.