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5 Ways To Transform Emotional Pain Into Enlightenment

Are you struggling with emotional pain or hurt? Here are some ways to deal with it. Life doesn’t always work…

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Are you struggling with emotional pain or hurt? Here are some ways to deal with it.

Life doesn’t always work as we want. Sometimes, you must face terrible things in your life that could cause pain deep in your heart. Well, you can mention some of them; you’re probably experiencing emotional pain right now due to heartbreak from a failed relationship.

Other causes of emotional pain you might experience might be, for example, being victims of broken homes, bullying, failure in a job or business, losing a loved one, and many more.

Being sad, angry, and disappointed is normal. It’s even proof that your heart is still “healthy.” But sure, it doesn’t mean you can keep your pain for the rest of your life. Rather than feeling sad and hateful all the time, it sounds better to transform your emotional pain into enlightenment.

Here are 6 ways to transform emotional pain into enlightenment.

1. Realization – Ways to Transform Emotional Pain

Pain is part of our life that can’t be avoided. Yes, the most important thing is realizing this fact. Everybody in this world has his/her problem no matter how happy he/she is.

That’s why this life is fair. You can look around. There are many people with worse pain; being ill, homeless, hungry, and more. Maybe, your pain is still far better than theirs.

2. Be Grateful

Although you’re currently at the lowest level in your life, there must still be something good you have, no matter how small it is. Even if you have lost everything you have, money, job, power, people you love, and more, the air is still all around so that you can breathe.

So, don’t focus on your pain and resentment. Focus only on happiness and practice gratitude.

3. Meet Positive People

If your pain is caused by someone else, it’s not bad to avoid him or her. It’s not because you hate him or her. It’s because you want to remove your hate gradually.

Then, make sure to meet only positive people, at least, only until your pain has gone. Positive people will help you heal your pain. They can be some of your friends, parents, family, counselor, psychiatrist, and others.

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4. Find Solutions

Some problems or pains are just to be left behind. There’s nothing you can do except to forget them. But some other pains need solutions.

Well, how about your partner or spouse cheating on you? It’s painful for sure, but it’s something you can’t continue to tolerate. It would be best if you found solutions to move on and make your life better.

5. Learn about It- Ways to Transform Emotional Pain to Enlightenment

Pain is not only to cry over. It should also not make you feel sad for too long. More than that, your pain should be something to learn about to be a better person. This is the enlightenment that you’re looking for. Yes, the pain you experience is supposed to make you a better, stronger, and enlightened person.

While it’s normal to focus and cry over your sadness over a certain period, one day, you need to stop. You must even make the deadline for your pain/sadness and move forward.

A broken heart or losing your loved one may make you unable to concentrate on doing something else. However, a week, or sometimes a month, is more than enough for that. After that, you must go back to your normal life. After all, there are still many other things to do.