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Know The Differences Between Empaths and Lightworkers With These Signs

There are some differences between empaths and lightworkers; however, they share almost similar characteristics. To know the differences between the…

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There are some differences between empaths and lightworkers; however, they share almost similar characteristics. To know the differences between the empath and the lightworker, you have to know what they are and their features.

First, who is an empath?

Empaths – Differences Between Empaths and Lightworkers 

Empaths are people that can easily absorb the emotions of other people. It is easy for someone to feel sympathy for someone suffering, but this does not apply to the empath.

With the empath, they don’t feel compassion for the person suffering, but instead, they feel the same pain that the person suffering suffers.

Thus, they tend to try to help everyone that comes their way, but while they do this, they lose their energy, which is why they always go into hiding or staying alone to recuperate after being drained by the energies of others.

Furthermore, they reverberate with emotions, and that is the reason why they get quickly drained emotionally.

The following are traits of the empath

  • Feeling the feelings of others as if they were their own
  • feeling overwhelmed in public places.
  • They find it hard to watch violence or cruelty, even if it is on TV.
  • They quickly detect honesty and lies.
  • Empaths are also always on the lookout for people who have no one to look out for them.
  • They carry the problems of others as if they were theirs.
  • They experience constant tiredness due to much absorption of energies.
  • Empaths become easily addicted to people and things.
  • They love getting involved with the metaphysical.
  • They have superb creative abilities.
  • More so, they find it hard to do something they do not love.
  • They are so much in love with nature and animals.
  • They enjoy solitude.
  • Likewise, they get easily distracted.
  • They are always shy and moody.
  • Lastly, they are excellent listeners.

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Lightworkers- Differences Between Empaths and Lightworkers 

The attributes of Lightworkers are almost peculiar to that of empaths; thus, they are usually used interchangeably. Just like Empaths, Lightworkers can also feel the pain of others.

The significant difference between them and empaths is that they reverberate more with frequencies and energies, unlike empaths, which reverberate with emotions. Lightworkers are seen as awakened souls.

Furthermore, they have experienced a spiritual awakening, and the most critical responsibility they have is bringing other souls to the light. Despite their close similarities with empaths, they also do not experience the energy drain as the empaths do.

Some characteristics of Lightworkers include;

  • Firstly, they are mostly psychics.
  • They reverberate with frequencies.
  • They feel the need to heal people, and because of this, they get involved with so many healing media.
  • More so, they have a strong connection with the environment and animals.
  • They are aware of their fears and that of the people around them.
  • They always experience strong spiritual awakening processes.
  • Even more, they feel they have the duty to heal the world. They still feel the need to write, teach, or counsel others about their healing experiences.
  • They feel a sense of time urgency to fulfill their task because they know that they are here for a higher purpose even if they might be unsure of what it is or how to achieve it.
  • Lastly, they are aware of the power of their thoughts and their ability to manifest.

Now you know some of the differences between empaths and lightworkers.