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Charismatic Personality, The 6 Traits & How to Be One

The charismatic personality is one that attracts respect and reference. Researchers studied the effect of charisma on the ability to…

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The charismatic personality is one that attracts respect and reference.

Researchers studied the effect of charisma on the ability to persuade from a record of people’s voices. The research shows that someone can identify and learn charismatic personality traits.

Likewise, series of research has shown that charisma measurements predict outcomes in the real world. Hence, it was also found that charisma can be observed and measured.

Let me briefly take you through the six traits of a charismatic personality and how you can be one.

1. Leadership – Traits of the Charismatic Personality

Charismatic people often step out and take responsibility, especially when it comes to groups where other people are reluctant to take charge. Hence, if you are this person, then you belong to the charismatic personality.

In all, one of the traits that differentiate charismatic people from others is their ability to lead and steer a group of people towards a defined goal.

2. Presence

Furthermore, charismatic people tend to be the center of attention in every gathering. Although there are many other ways you can draw attention to your presence in a place, the recognition that’s showered on charisma comes naturally without being forced or provoked.

Hence, you are charismatic if people are drawn to you naturally. Also, you don’t necessarily have to be the life of the party to get noticed. People will be brought to you by your presence, posture, and confidence.

3. Influence- Traits of the Charismatic Personality

The opinions of charismatic people are often sought after by others, and they are trusted not to lead others astray.

Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People is a good pointer on everything you need to know about charisma.

The book summarises that your ability to influence people into believing in you puts the world in the palm of your hands. With this power, you’re unstoppable in the art of wealth creation.

4. Respect

A commendable trait of charismatic people is that despite the differences in people’s experiences and views, they find a way to get along with other people.

Interestingly, studies show that charisma is born out of the various classes of distress. The distress earlier experienced by charismatic people helps them relate, respect, and understand other people’s different stories and backgrounds.

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5. Relatable

Do people feel comfortable and at ease around you? Then, you may be charismatic. Also, since you have a relatable character, people like to be around you always.

It may look effortless for you to connect with different people and relate to and understand them. However,  it is not a walk in the park.

Somehow, you find a way to strike a balance between your interests and hit it off from there.

6. Smile

If you have a signature smile for everyone you meet (including strangers), you might be charismatic. You believe in being open and free with everyone, and this radiates positivity.

Similarly, you make excellent eye contact and have a bright smile to spare for whoever you come in contact with.

What’s there not to love about you? Nothing!