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7 Challenges Only An Empath Can Understand.

Being an Empath can be very cool as they are able to read into people’s emotions and understanding their motives,…

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Being an Empath can be very cool as they are able to read into people’s emotions and understanding their motives, so people are unable to lie to them. These are undoubtedly useful qualities of an empath, but in all these, like the adage which says “whatever has an advantage has a disadvantage”, the case is not different for an empath. Even though being very sensitive is a great asset and thing of pride, the price paid for it is usually very high.

Because of the special kind of nature Empaths have, they also have struggles with daily lives. The fact that they carry negative emotions of other people as their own, and how they also feel what people pass through as if they are the ones experiencing it are a few examples of what life means as an empath.

Additionally, Empaths often suffer from stress, anxiety, physical pain, and sometimes depression. Because of their gift and due to their complexity, depth and capacity of love, people are unable to handle them, which leaves most Empaths single. People most times don’t understand them and even go as far to label them as “Lazy and needy”.

In light of this, here are seven challenges which Empaths go through almost on a daily basis. But before moving on to these lists, if you enjoy watching this video, please help to like and share this video, guys. And if you’re new to this channel, don’t forget to subscribe to this channel so you won’t miss any interesting updates in the future.


Empaths naturally love to be alone; this singular behaviour makes them find it difficult to mix up properly with the rest of the world. They most times love isolating themselves because they are unable to stand a crowd of people and also noisy places as this kind of environment drain them. People often see them as cold and unfriendly, but this is as a result of the emotional torture they go through when they are with people, and this makes them resort to staying away from the crowd in other to ease themselves of the pain and torture.

Carrying The Cross Of Others.

Because of their ability to read and understand the instincts and feelings of other people around them, they are always engulfed in helping people around them. They are unable to withstand the pains of others that they end up carrying them as it were theirs.

Most times, in the process of doing this, they end up postponing their own emotional problems. They derive so much joy being able to help people around them, passing through emotional issues, but if they are unable to help, they feel terrible and become hard on themselves. This, therefore, makes their emotional boundaries very weak because they have great hearts and want to help everyone.

This single act of Empaths attracts people with emotional problems to them almost daily, which makes them spend more time helping people and paying little or no attention to their own problems.


It is a well-known fact that a thinking man or an emotionally battered man can never be healthy; this is most times the case of Empaths. Empaths are like emotional centres of attraction because they allow different kinds of emotions to enter their minds and body. They take in a large quantity of stress, negative emotions and pressure, which in turn has a great impact on their general well-being.

This large amount of emotional stress they carry along with them makes it difficult for them to have good rest, eat properly, and live a normal healthy life like every normal human being. Most Empaths depend on pills (drugs) to aid them in eating and resting. Empaths are hypersensitive magnets for attracting these energies, and they cannot change it.

An Empath feel Constant Pain.

The life of an empath really hurts so much. Empaths are hypersensitive, they read into the minds and attitudes of people around them. Imagine the pain a man will feel when he finds out that he has been lies to by the person he trusts; Empaths feel this kind of a pain because they can know very quickly when they are being lied to.

Also, they are greatly affected by other people’s emotions and losses. They feel the pains of others; they feel their tears, they feel a torn soul, and worse case is that empaths feel worse when they try to help out but are unable to help the person in such situations. This constant pain they feel is on a daily basis because they meet different people every day.


Empaths are like aliens or fallen angels who can’t cope or adapt to an environment that fails to understand or see what they go through. They find themselves in a world where they are termed and judged as too sensitive, lazy, immature, secure, too secretive. And for these reasons, most Empaths always crave to be alone with their thoughts and deepest secrets; sharing their issues with no one because they feel nobody cares, which make them live in isolation.

Because of these attitude of people towards them, they are easily depressed, they are always asking themselves questions like “What is wrong with me?”.

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Empaths, due to the stressful lifestyle, they often try so much to do things that will take their minds off some stress they pass through. The process of getting away from these problems usually make some of them develop an addictive attitude by getting addicted to so many things such as drugs, sex, alcohol etc. They get into these addictive behaviours as a means of self-protection and a temporary escape. Sadly, many addicts we see today are probably emotionally and empathetic people who look for a way out.

An empath’s Ability to say “No”.

Empaths always want to make other people happy, even at the expense of their own happiness. This trait makes them find it really difficult to say “No” to people because they don’t want to hurt the feelings of such people. So, in addition to save themselves from such emotional torture, they often do whatever is possible to make others happy which can include always saying “YES”, even when a “NO” is the best fit for the situation at hand.

All in all, those are 7 Challenges Only An Empath Can Understand.

Sometimes, empaths don’t enjoy being alone; they don’t like feeling lonely, isolated and alienated, they want to hang out with friends and have fun, but this is difficult. This situation makes most of them suffer from depression and anxiety. Empaths like every other human need and deserve the love of everyone. They shouldn’t be treated with dismay but rather with respect as this love shown to them can help ease the burden in their lives.