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Challenges Free Spirits Face In Life

There are certain challenges free spirits face in life. This is mostly due to their unique and strange nature or…

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There are certain challenges free spirits face in life. This is mostly due to their unique and strange nature or personality type.

Free spirits are the shoes that never find appropriate boxes.

Eccentric, unconventional, unpredictable, and different. You can never tag them as one person because, in truth, they are different things.

Their life has many facets; they do not go by the book but see life and experience life based on their feelings.

Hence for free spirits living in a world of conformity and rules can be quite challenging.

While some people will accept free spirits for who they are, some will dislike them for their unconventional ways.

Interestingly, free spirits don’t care who loves them or not because most times, they want to live life their way, which makes it quite challenging for them.

Hence, here are some of the challenges free spirits face.

1. No clear cut direction:

Free spirits usually do not have a defined direction. They go with the flow. So, It may become difficult for them to relate well with some people.

Of course, people usually prefer order and direction, following a predictable path many others have followed before.

However, this is difficult for a free spirit. This is because they find it easy to change directions every time and do not have clear-cut paths.

Overall, they walk according to their feelings, so their way to life is usually not popular, and they go their road alone.

2. Seem to be a misfit in society: Challenges Free Spirits Face In Life

This is another challenge that free spirits face in life.

Free spirits usually do not fit into any mold because they are different. Of course, life for them is much more than a career or possession or fame, and it’s more about other experiences.

So, they accept everything and nothing. It is going to be hard to box such a person into one category.

Sometimes, their friends and family do not quite understand them because of their unconventional ways, and because of this, free spirits are seen as misfits in society.

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3. Free-spirits do not form strong attachment:

A free-spirited person is one for all and none. They like everybody, accept the different views and perspectives but are never known to commit to anything for too long.

Little wonder they do not seem to have strong attachments to anyone or anything. It can be challenging because, at times, people see them as someone who is not committed, snobbish, and even cold.

However, you can’t blame them because that is who they are. To avoid hurting and disappointing people, they avoid forming strong attachments because they know they can leave at any time.

4. Rules do not box free spirits down Challenges Free Spirits Face In Life

Since they cannot fit into any mold, they do not follow all rules to the letter, especially if it does not appeal to them.

It makes them have a lot of clashes with those who go by the rules.

It is a natural tendency for them to want to break free and do things their things. Since they feel there is no one way to everything, rules can feel like bondage or restriction.

They will also naturally question everything, be inquisitive, and want to know why, how, and where everything about the things around them.

Consequently making them a potential foe for some people.