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Best Spiritual Practices For Someone Going Through A Kundalini Awakening

Heard about kundalini awakening? The term is about the awakening energy inside of you. It is a form of feminine…

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Heard about kundalini awakening? The term is about the awakening energy inside of you. It is a form of feminine spiritual energy that has its roots in Hinduism.

Everyone has this kind of energy that when an event takes place, your body, mind, and spirit changes gradually, and sometimes significantly, to the point that it might feel painful.

Kundalini awakening is part of your spiritual journey. Some also say that the event is a signal from destiny. So, in this blog post, we’re going to talk about several spiritual practices/exercises that you should consider when undergoing a kundalini awakening.

We also want to share the signs and benefits of going through this spiritual experience.

Kundalini Awakening Signs

When you’re undergoing this spiritual journey, some experiences may come to your life. The symptoms are also called kundalini syndrome.

If you’re practicing yoga, the energy can be activated quickly and assist you during the process. However, some people who experienced this journey are not aware of it at all.

Some specific signs include near-death experiences, traumas, and other life-shattering events that may lead to kundalini awakening.

At some point, a person will build the sixth sense and other characteristics that never came to mind before.

So, how do you balance your kundalini energy during kundalini awakening?

1. Targeted Exercise

Doing a targeted exercise is where you start the spiritual practices when you’re going through a kundalini awakening. Several routines are dedicated to suspend any energy that stimulates your kundalini.

At some point, practicing yoga and meditations might stimulate the kundalini spirit inside you. Breathing exercise, for instance, enables the kundalini to awaken without warning. Since breathing exercise uses prana, you need to monitor this exercise.

As said earlier, some yoga exercises may also lead to similar things. Thus, be sure to watch whatever you’re doing.

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2. Cleaning the Energy System

Another thing that may stimulate your kundalini energy is anything that comes close to you. The trash energies may destabilize the kundalini system within your body. Thus, cleaning the entire system will help to stabilize and maintain your kundalini.

It’s essential to get rid of the energy that emanates from someone else. Cleaning the energy system also helps to align depression, agitation, or anything you feel out of balance.

3. A Cool Down Meditation – Kundalini Awakening

Sometimes kundalini awakening occurs spontaneously. Without any preparation and awareness, you may feel your life is falling apart. There is a method called a cool-down meditation that helps to calm down and deflect the spontaneous awakening inside of you.

This practice requires several steps, and you may need to sit on a chair but stay grounded.

Overall, keep in mind that the awakening process might lead to lots of unexpected things.

Some people even found it hurdling. Still, this will eventually lead you to a higher spiritual being, which is a good thing.