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Strange Behaviors Of An Authentic Empath.

Many people have some qualities or characteristics of empaths, as a matter of fact, everyone in one way or the…

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Many people have some qualities or characteristics of empaths, as a matter of fact, everyone in one way or the other has what the word is drawn from. The word “Empath” is drawn from Empathy, which means having compassion for other people and making efforts to help them out. But then, only a handful of people are actually authentic empaths.

As you may know, an empath has a high level of Empathy compared to others; they can feel what other people feel even without being told. This is based on their intuition which most times are correct. As I said before, virtually everybody has a sense of Empathy, but if we talk about authentic empaths, we can actually learn a thing or two about them by observing their behaviours.

In this piece, we’re going to consider some factors or behaviours that show someone is an authentic empath.

They pick up physical symptoms of other people.

We’re conversant with the empaths picks up other people’s psychological feelings such as being a moody, disappointment, and so on. It doesn’t just end there when you see an authentic empath. It goes beyond the psychological effects. They also pick up some physiological effects such as body aches, cold and the pains of the other person. This effect is due to their high sensitivity to the other person’s current situation.

They show kindness to both friends and strangers.

Every single person shows Empathy to someone who in one way or the other is connected to him or her. On normal circumstances, when you find out someone you are connected has some difficulties or challenges, you offer help as much as you can, but in most cases, you don’t try to go beyond your limit.

But on the other hand, authentic empaths are not concerned about the relationship or connection; they treat everyone even better than themselves. What they can do for someone close to them, they can also do that for someone they don’t even know. Their emotions know no bounds; they live their lives for others.

They also feel the nature.

Empaths are not just drawn to Human beings and animals. They are also connected to nature. Anything that has life tickles their feelings. Most empaths feel sad and disappointed when they see trees being cut down, vegetation destroyed, and so on.

If they had their ways, anything that lives wouldn’t get hurt. They can’t stand the sight of these nature being harmed, that is why they leave the scene when a tree is cut or when other forms of nature are hurt.

They are not comfortable seeing violence.

Authentic empaths can’t tolerate violence even if it is a television show or a movie. Whenever a violence scene is shown, an empath turns off the television or exits the scene. They can’t stand seeing people going through pains.

Most empaths cry while watching movies where someone undergoes a violent treat or when one is maltreated. Even when it is not acted, if they read it through novels, they can’t help but stop reading the novel or even crying. It’s not just throwing a tantrum, but that is the nature of an empath.

Authentic Empaths are very intuitive.

While most people can read or guess other people gestures or facial expressions, authentic empaths are different. They can sense the vibes or aura in people.

Simply put, you don’t need to spell out your vibes before an empath knows. Empaths know when someone’s vibe is either positive or negative by mere intuition, probably while talking with the person, or with just a stare.

Authentic Empaths are easily drained.

Empaths are so busy living for other people; therefore, the energies of people around them affect them a lot. They are always busy solving other people’s problems and issues, and this makes them get drained quickly.

After all, empaths are humans; they have their psychological and physical health that they need to take care of. But they are often deteriorated because of the energies that they absorb from others. Often, what an empath receive from the society is below what they give out; therefore, this makes them get drained easily.

They are sensitive.

This is an innate trait of an empath. They are compassionate and can’t help seeing anyone in pain. An empath perceives the suffering of others like it is theirs. Whenever there is a situation of someone being in torments or facing challenges, they put in their best to make sure they restore joy and happiness to the individual.

Empaths attract broken people.

There are a lot of broken people everywhere we find ourselves in, and they are continually looking out for people who can heal them and bring the spark of joy back to them. Empaths have general body languages that show they are open to accepting people who are broken, and they are shoulders you can cry on.

Broken people can easily detect empaths through their body languages. They don’t hesitate to come and draw strength and healing from you once they notice you are an empath. Therefore, It is a necessity for empaths to learn to close down their Empathy sometimes, understand that no one is meant to heal everybody on earth. You may help people as much as you possibly can, but not to your detriment.

Empaths are affected by crowds.

When a room or hall is so crowded, it can put empaths to sixes and sevens as they become overloaded with emotions of people inside the room. You seem to take up different energies or characters at the same time, which makes you overwhelmed in no time.

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When someone who is calm passes, you feel calm within, a minute later, when one who is aggressive comes around, you feel intense and aggressive. This sounds like a nightmare, but it is what empaths go through, especially those who can’t yet control the happenings around them.

Ignoring your problem.

Empaths are very busy with others; they’re good at helping and solving other people’s problems, but they are experts in ignoring their problems. They have burdens they need to unload and issues to talk about but end up not doing it simply because they are swamped with other things, namely ‘meeting other people’s needs’.

Empaths are strong quite alright, they can carry a great load of issues, but the question is; for how long? If you don’t make out time to unburden yourself, then very soon you might end up breaking down.