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Understand Your Ability

9 Steps to Become an Empowered Empath.

As an empath, you are sensitive to your environment, people and energy. You absorb the energies of other people, whether it’s negative or positive. Therefore, it’s very important that you take very good care of yourself, both mentally and emotionally.

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As an empath, you are sensitive to your environment, people and energy. You absorb the energies of other people, whether it’s negative or positive. Therefore, it’s very important that you take very good care of yourself, both mentally and emotionally. To be able to do this, you need to empower yourself, and you need to embrace who you are and also pay attention to your needs by doing things that make you feel good. Setting boundaries for yourself will help a lot here. You must not live your life in the energy of other people; you have to raise your vibrations to boost your energy. Nobody has power over you because you are more powerful than you realize. Anyways, here are nine tips on how to become an empowered empath.

Always keep your sacred space.

As an empath, there are some things you should not joke around about; since you’re usually drained in a crowded environment, it’s advisable to create a calm, quiet and safe space where you can always crawl into and relax, sleep and also think.

This place can also be your sanctuary for recharging and rejuvenation. You can always leave your space and go into the world when you are recharged and ready.

 Your intuition is not the whole package.

Just because your intuition leads towards a particular thing, doesn’t mean the observation is the whole package. So, never make assumptions based on a felt observation; otherwise, you will be putting yourself in more danger. There are a lot of complications between the feeling and thinking states in the mind of an empath. It’s better to reflect very well on the feelings or intuition you have as this is a wise thing to do. Never jump into conclusions as they can bring about very disastrous results.

You are a walking Emotions projector.

The ability for you to be able to sense the emotions of other people means you are like an emotional projector. Though most empaths don’t realize this, it happens knowingly or unknowingly. As an empath, you can affect the emotions of other people around you; you can feel negative energies from people even when they try to hide it. You can single handedly alter the energy of a group of people, and in most cases, this is done unknowingly. When you can realize this fact that you are an emotions projector, you may become a blessing to people.

 Always trust your Gut-instincts; they will not fail you.

This is your most powerful tool if you can use it well; your intuition never fail you; all you need to do is to trust it at all times. The mistake of some empaths is trying to deny or suppress their intuitive abilities. You might not get the result you need at that particular time, but trust me, it’s a step in the right direction, and the feeling is real for there is a deeper communication happening that you need to embrace.

 Study the changing emotions in you and what influences them.

Take your time to study your feelings and emotions, understand what triggers and changes your emotions and know the factors responsible for those changes. This might sound very difficult to a non-empath, but it’s very simple to an empath as this is one of your biggest gifts given to you.

Your internal emotions can change based on external factors, people, your environment, food, sounds and many other things at any given time. So, having the ability to know who, what, how and why these emotions change helps you manage your emotions without getting drained.

 Appreciate your capabilities.(Empowered empath)

Empaths are often seen as different, like an outcast, and because of this, there’s some pressure on them because they think being different is bad. Furthermore, the world we live in today doesn’t appreciate an empath, so this brings about a lot of challenges. People will always misunderstand you, but you don’t have to take their disapproval into you. You didn’t choose the life; it is a gift from God to you so you should be proud of who you are and the gift you have.

Being able to sense peoples’ mood is a core survival trait, and you should be proud of it.

Explore your creative capabilities.(Empowered empath)

Empaths most times don’t feel like they are being heard; they love their space and don’t love to stay in crowded environments. When you’re alone, take this as an opportunity to harness the deep thoughts in your hearts so you may discover new ideas from there. This is the time most empaths leverage their creative capabilities.

Most empaths don’t know how to express their minds, so the only way they do this is through channelling their ideas into Arts, music, writing, dance, science, etc. So, you can explore any of these fields of creativity and channel your creative source into good results.

Groom the kind of emotions you want to live with.

Take time to study and know the emotions that put you in the right state of mind because as an empath, not every emotion gives you the positive vibes. Once you can discover these emotions, take your time to groom them into the way you want them so that you can live comfortably with the emotions that give you positive vibes at all times.

Just like a musician knows the right combinations to make a particular sound, so can you as an empath, design your emotional life by taking in things and feelings that works well for you into your life and taking out the ones that don’t work well with your life.

Learn to distinguish between empathic consciousness and thought consciousness.

Take your time to study yourself and know the things that make you different from the rest, because emphatic traits can’t be seen with the eyes, but only felt and experienced inside the body.

When you can identify the differences in how empathy works, these traits can then be harnessed to their full potential by you. When you can understand that your mind and its thoughts are dominant, then you can attain self-knowledge.

Thoughts and feelings are different at all times, and being able to recognize the differences and their internal results is liberating. So, instead of allowing yourself to be pushed aside by negative energies, use your power of observation to gain a powerful defensive response.

Well, those are the 9 steps to become an empowered empath.