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9 Signs That Your Angels Are Trying To Contact You.

No matter what you go through in life, you have to know that you are never alone, sometimes, these things…

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No matter what you go through in life, you have to know that you are never alone, sometimes, these things must have been revealed to you as an individual, but because you were unable to see the signs and understand it, you fail to do the right thing, and thus the issue came crashing on you.

The truth is that your angels are always around you, protecting you when they see something coming towards you in the future; they try to contact you so that you can take precautions. How they come might differ from time to time, and thus, you have to know some signs that when you see, you know that your angel is trying to contact you.

Ringing Ears.

Sometimes, you may feel some tingling feeling in your ears that may sound like your ears are ringing or you might hear some whispers in your ears. These whispers might just be as if it is coming from right next to you or they seem to be whispering in your head.

The voices of angels are too powerful to hear, and this is the reason why it most times sounds like a ringing in your ears. Whenever you hear this sound or feel the whisper, just know that your angel might just be trying to communicate with you or guide you in the direction that’s best for you.

Dreams and Premonitions.

Dreams are another avenue, in which angels communicate with people. When a person is asleep, his or her subconscious mind becomes more open and easily accessible to more communication by angels. When an angel is trying to communicate with a person through dreams, the person begins to experience recurrent dreams.

Once you start having recurrent dreams or messages during various dreams, that can be a sign that your angel is trying to warn you of a possible disruption in your life, and you have to be careful with such dreams so that you don’t get into some sort of trouble. Though sometimes, these dreams can be a sign of something good.


Another way in which angels communicate to people and reassure them of their love and care to the human race is through rainbows. When you see a rainbow marked across the sky without a warning or any rainfall, it is simply a sign from the angels and other spiritual beings that are sending a message to the earth.

In this case, this message is for the entirety of the human race, and it simply is that they will always love the human race and always be by their side.

White Feathers.(Your Angels)

Most people believe that the presence of white feathers signifies the presence of an angel because they are the only beings that have dazzling white wings. It is believed that feathers symbolize protection, and when you wake up to find white feathers in front of your house or where they are normally not seen, then it is a sign that your angel is trying to send you a message or communicate with you.

It is also believed that even feather prints on clothes and other objects are a sign of protection that your angel is always in contact with you.


The use of animals to send messages to human beings by angels and spirits is something that has been in existence for ages. The connection that exists between the two entities is very strong.

Sometimes, these messages can be passed through pet animals, and other times, just when you are not expecting the presence of an animal and you see the one which appears to be very friendly and sweet. When you experience something like that, then that is a sign that your angel is somewhere very close to you and may just be trying to take you away from something dangerous, thus distracting you with the animals’ presence.

Sparks of light.

Another symbol of the presence of an angel around you is the flashes of lights and colors. This particular symbol can take place either in the conscious or the subconscious vision. Some colors that people see are the angels’ ways of talking to them. Some colors are seen as to mean some particular things or messages that your angel might just be trying to communicate to you.

For example, orange is meant to signal optimism or positivity, while green is connected to an increase in power. Blue or purple can indicate that you need to take time to relax.

Number Patterns.(Your Angels)

This is also another method in which your angel might want to use in either to communicate effectively with you. This method is experienced when you begin to see a pattern in the way numbers are constantly repeated around you.

If you see some numbers that are constantly being repeated and with increasing frequency, that is a sign that your angel might just be trying to communicate to you through them, so you don’t have to ignore it. These number patterns can mean different things, and most times, the more the numbers repeat itself, the stronger the message.

Clouds shaped like angels.

One of the most obvious signs that your angel is close to you is the sight of seeing clouds in the shape of angels. When this sign appears, it is expedient that you pay full attention to the universe because another sign might just pop up and thus lead you to the message that your angel has for you. So for you not to miss out on the message, you have to be alert on the signs because it can take any form at any time.

Butterflies.(Your Angels)

Butterflies have been known over the years to be symbols of reincarnation and rebirth. It is believed that when you see a butterfly, it means that your angel or a loved one who is departed to the world beyond is coming back to visit you. They most times take this form because human beings love the butterfly and have the tendency to always chase after them when they see one, so they use this means to draw you towards the message that they have for you.

So next time, when a butterfly is leading you in a certain direction, lands on you or remains close to you, it could be a sign that your angel is trying to contact you.

Well, those are the 9 signs that your angels are trying to contact you. I hope that you enjoyed my explanation. Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and experiences in the comment section below.