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9 Reasons why Empaths make the best partners.

Relationships are not a bed of roses and easy going. You have to learn to match yourself to someone who is not related to you in any way. The person you get into a relationship with sometimes needs to be your best friend as well.

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Relationships are not a bed of roses and easy going. You have to learn to match yourself to someone who is not related to you in any way. The person you get into a relationship with sometimes needs to be your best friend as well. The process of jelling with a stranger or an outsider to become your close ally and buddy is not something that takes a roller coaster going. It takes a lot of time, patience, sacrifices and other factors between the two lovers to get to that desirable height. Being in a relationship with an Empath is not all milk and honey anyway. However, they have traits that make them more likely to be the best partners one can have.

The success of a relationship is dependent on the sacrifices the partners are willing to make for themselves. Empaths are epitomes of selflessness, and they are natural sacrifice makers. They lay their plans and feelings down for other people. Empaths are not like the majority of other people who always expect a favour in return of whatever they offer. When they give, they do so genuinely.

Although most empaths are sceptical about getting into relationships these days because people exploit them because of their kindness, Empaths seem to be adamant over love because they go through a lot even on a daily basis. They won’t want their misery even to get pilled up. It also gets worse when it is someone dear to them and with whom they have shared virtually everything with in time past. It is not very easy for empaths to heal from heartbreaks, so they try to avoid anything that can eventually lead to that. Empaths get rarely seen, but if finally, you are lucky enough to have one, hold him or her tight.

However, in this article, we want to consider some factors that make empaths better options when it comes to relationships.

Nine (9) Reasons why Empaths make the best partners.

They are loyal.

If there is something people place a high premium on in relationships, it is loyalty. And this is what assures them they have the trust of who they are in a relationship with. Empaths are naturally loyal beings, and this is one of the reasons they are attracted to animals with same quality such as dogs. When you are in a relationship with an empath, you’ve got his or her loyalty. You shouldn’t be bothered about their movements or discussions at your back because they can’t stand betraying their partner in words or actions.

 Empaths are optimistic.

Being optimistic is essential in relationships. For the empaths, being optimistic is a value they uphold because it helps them stay safe from the negativity around. If empaths are not confident about things, they would always break down. Also for the partner of the empath, the optimistic nature of the empath is beneficial because you don’t need to try to cheer them always when things are not moving on very well because they still maintain their calm. Also, when you are facing challenges, the optimistic nature of the empath gives you hope, and you believe there is light at the end of the tunnel.

They are healers.

Empaths are endowed with healing others. They derive joy in improving people because it makes them come to life and gives them a great essence. Empaths cannot just feel other people’s pain,they also take other people’s pain and problems up like it’s theirs. And they stick with you till the problem is solved. Their joy is complete when other people are happy. Empaths can do this for strangers, how much more when they are in a romantic relationship with you?. The feeling is just like your problems has been transferred to someone else because they even take the issue more severe than you.

 Empaths won’t hide their feelings from you.

Expressing feelings and emotions lacks in many relationships, and it affects the partners in the long run. People believe the best approach to a relationship is hiding your feelings. A lot believes that it is wrong to let your partner know how you genuinely feel for them or about things happening around you. Empaths are always faithful to their feelings and emotions, and they do not fail to express their feelings to their partners truly.When you have an idea of how someone feels for you, it is an advantage as it enables you to know the stand of your relationship at every point.

Empaths are peacemakers. (Best partners)

If there is something that cannot get separated from relationships, it is arguments and quarrels. Empaths are the best people you can argue with because they don’t get biased about their views; they are eager to hear from your viewpoint. Most times, when they argue, they do not just want to be heard and considered right. Instead, they want what is right to prevail. Trying to accommodate the view of others is a quality that every empath has that makes being in a relationship with empaths amazing.

They are intuitive.

Empaths are gifted with a very high level of intuition. They can tell when you are covering up your anger or turmoil with a smile. Empaths can see through your heart and know the real feelings in you. Even when you do not voice it out, they know you are perturbed, and they bring up their encouragement and cheer to make you feel better.

Empaths are wonderful guardians.

Ever thought your parents were the only people who want the best for you and help you make the right choices? No. You get it wrong if you think so, an empath is a very considerate guardian who enables you to make the right decisions even when you are confused about what to go for. They read people’s personalities and can also help you make the right career choice.

 Empaths Love wholeheartedly.

The love that empaths show is genuine and it comes from deep within them. They want to see their partner happy continually and therefore will go any extent to make sure they remain joyful

Empaths are not too materialistic.

Materialistic things do not drive empaths. They enjoy living a simple life. When an empath is in a relationship with you, he or she doesn’t bother you with exotic things. Instead, they encourage you to go for more essential items like fulfilling your dreams, setting goals and achieving them.