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7 unmistakable signs you are dating an empath

Empaths are a different kind of humans, in other to have a healthy and fruitful relationship with them, it is expedient you have an understanding of some necessary or vital things about them.

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Having a full understanding of how complex empaths can be on a normal, it is vital to even go deeper trying to understand better how the person you are dating works, the things he or she believes in, just general stuff about the person which might come into play when you are always with the person and how to make the best out of every situation that comes up.

Empaths are a different kind of humans, in other to have a healthy and fruitful relationship with them, it is expedient you have an understanding of some necessary or vital things about them. In this article, we are going to be considering some unmistakable signs that the person you are dating an empath. When you have this understanding, you have almost half of the problems that would come up solved if you know how to apply the appropriate antidote.

Nevertheless, this does not necessarily mean that empaths are problematic, some of these signs are signs that when you understand and know how to move your empath partner the right direction, you will always be happy with what their actions and approaches to things and situations always turn out to be. Unmistakable Signs that you are dating an empath.

Aggressively repels Direct and express Criticism.

Empaths respond so bad to criticism; they hate it when you expressly criticize them or their efforts. Notwithstanding that, the despise lies even more. So, probably your empath friend cooks you food and it is a bit too salty, the scenario might not turn so pleasing when you open up directly to say “hey, the food is awful, it is too salty”. But considering the fact they even despise phonies more, you have to be constructive in the criticism. You can say stuff like “ The food is delicious, maybe next time, add less quantity of salt. This passes the message across and yet appreciates the effort made. So, if you have a partner who often, despises express criticism, such a person is an empath.

In tune with what you feel even before you open up.

Dating an empath can be time taking, energy-sapping and tasking, but it has a lot of fantastic perks as well. One of which is how the person perfectly understands how you feel even without you uttering a word. The empath can discern your feelings, especially when you are moody, he or she then tries to bring you out the pit and give you joy. It is just like a superpower empaths possess, telling you the right words to ease off the stress or tension.

You feel he or she prefers the pet to you(Dating an empath)

Naturally, empaths tend to be more connected to their pets. This is because the pets are always in conformity to their will or command. This is what an empath needs, but it is almost impossible to achieve with a human. No matter how connected you are to anyone, there is no way your thoughts or ideas won’t have a clash at a point or the other. In contrast to this, pets follows the directives of the owner at every point in time, shows perfect and undisputed loyalty to the owner, and empaths values loyalty to the core. This is why it seems like your partner prefers the pet to you. Do not just take it personal.

Constant Mood Swing(Dating an empath)

Probably you are finding it difficult to deal with this one. This is one feature of empaths that makes it look like an uphill task to date them. You cannot just ascertain their feelings or mood. Right now, they are happy and relaxed, in the nearest minute or not just so long from their time of happiness; they are wearing a different facial expression and mood altogether. It is not often your action that gets them annoyed, probably it is a personal problem, or maybe nothing, they are just unhappy for a reason they themselves cannot just explain. It looks so unbelievable, but, yes it happens, and most times they try to deal with it and come back so remorseful when they have gotten over the boo-boo. Sometimes they even get into boohoo to express or show they are remorseful about the incidence.

They take routine activities or rules to be confining.

When you are in a relationship with an empath, he or she might think of routine acts to be imprisoning. This might even include; calling, chatting or seeing on a daily basis. They just get borred and distracted if they are not stimulated. So if you have noticed this about your date, it might not just be that they like to dodge your calls sometimes, the truth is that they think it is an act of imprisonment. And trust me, empaths really hate to be starved or deprived of their freedom.

They hate to be controlled (Dating an Empath)

Empaths appreciates having their space to make their decisions or determining their fate. That is why you tend to loose their care or attention when you try to be so possessive. Trying to always make decisions for an empath might make such a person to shut down completely and lock away their feelings. So, it is important to understand how to make your empath partner accept your contribution to their decision making without feeling you are trying to be possessive or trying to hijack their personal business.

Always want to leave even before the Party begins.

If he or she is an empath, definitely you should have experienced this a lot of times. Although empaths and introverts are different, but they have some things in common. This is one thing they share in common, they find it so exhausting to socialize, especially when it is in a big gathering. They can manage to socialize when it is in a smaller circle or when it is on a personal level, but once it is a big social event, it does not just tickle their fancy.