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7 Unique Characteristics of An Awakened Soul

What are the unique characteristics of an awakened soul? In this blog post, we share insight into the 7 unique…

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What are the unique characteristics of an awakened soul? In this blog post, we share insight into the 7 unique characteristics of an awakened soul.

The concept of an awakened soul might sound a bit strange to you.

However, not to worry, you’ll get to know what it means and more as you read on.

7 Unique Characteristics of An Awakened Soul

Have you always felt that there is something bigger than yourself?

Every one of us has our own higher consciousness.

It’s a consciousness that surpasses every material and immaterial thing.

In that case, you may be on the path to experiencing your higher consciousness.

More so, it is related to spirituality and how you reach the stage of higher awareness and wisdom.

Different people have different levels of soul awakening-it is related to spiritual evolution.

While the journey to higher consciousness is often uncomfortable and unpredictable, don’t be afraid, though.

You can embrace the changes if you learn a few signs that might relate to you, and then you can be prepared for them.

Consciousness Shifts and Evolution.

As it was mentioned before, soul awakening is related to spiritual evolution.

Keep in mind that spirituality is different from religion or being religious.

Spirituality is more about a higher state of self-awareness and consciousness.

Likewise, you are able to see yourself as a part of the universe instead of an individual being.

After all, humans will always change throughout their lives. Such a change is due whether you expect it or not.

Knowing the signs will help you cope better with the transformation.

It helps you to be more prepared because you realize that you are going through a state of change.

It will make the process easier because you don’t need to freak out about the whole thing.

So, what are the special characteristics, anyway?

7 Unique Characteristics of An Awakened Soul

The unique characteristics of an awakened soul include;

Overwhelming Sensation.

When you have experienced a soul awakening, your energy level is heightened.

It increases in such a drastic and significant way that it may confuse you.

More so, the walls that have surrounded you slowly disappear, and you have this mix-up energy between you and others.

As this is a new experience for you, you may not be able to differentiate which one is your energy and which one belongs to others.

This is especially intense in public places.

If the energy around you is positive or calming, it may not be too overwhelming.

However, if it is negative, it can be too much.

You may think that it is too intense, and you just want to go home and hide from the world.

During this time, meditations, staying away from people, or spending more time in nature can really help.

Contemplating by yourself and just sitting there quietly can help you recharge so you would be ready to face the world again.

Heightened Sensitivity. (Awakening soul)

As your soul is awakened, and it is now at a higher level, your sensitivity is also increasing.

It’s as if that your barrier is gone, so it is so easy for you to pick up other people’s emotions and vibes.

People are like open books for you; you can read them just by taking a look or having a little conversation with them.

You know whether they are sad, upset, angry, grieving, and even when they try to hide something.

More so, not only do their facial expressions and body language tell you everything, but you can also feel their vibrations of energy.

Mainstream Stuff Is Not Appealing Anymore.

Mainstream media or stuff in general, no longer appealing to you.

You aren’t interested in the latest gossips, including the ones involving celebrities or Hollywood.

Also, you don’t really fancy the latest trend in fashions.

You aren’t interested in tuning into TVs and other reality shows.

For you, these things are shallow, and they don’t bring you any positive impact.

This is true, especially to your own spiritual awakening.

You are more interested in reading books, especially books about philosophy and self-awareness.

You are more interested in doing real actions, especially doing social works or social projects.

Likewise, helping others is more appealing to you than dramas and gossips.

Stronger Intuition – Third Unique Characteristic of an Awakened Soul.

As your sensitivity increases, your intuition is getting stronger too.

It is called intuitive awareness.

This is where you just know things without being able to understand them scientifically or intellectually.

For instance, you know when something (an accident, death, or happy events) will happen.

You may call it ‘gut feeling’ because you just know without being able to explain it.

This happens as your consciousness is getting a message from a higher consciousness.

For most people, they know things from their dreams or after they are meditating.

Whenever you have this feeling, please don’t ignore it.

Increased Empathy. (Awakening soul)

As your sensitivity is increasing, your sense of empathy will also increase.

You are sad when others are sad; you’re happy when they happy, and you’re upset when they’re wronged.

This is because you are able to pick up their vibes, your empathy will go stronger too.

This is one of the reasons why you will likely take sides with the losers or the unfortunate ones.

You know how they feel – being ignored and hurt.

Even more, you are a good listener to their problems, and you have all the intention to help them.

You know that they need to pour their heart out, so you’re there to lend a helping hand and a shoulder to cry on.

Lying Becomes Impossible. (Awakening soul)

Not only lying would be difficult for you, but you can tell when others don’t tell you the truth.

Due to your heightened intuition and sense, you know when something is off.

You know when something is going south, especially when people start telling you lies.

Lying would be impossible for you too.

You always want to tell the truth no matter how bitter and sad the fact is.

When you consciously have to lie, it would be super hard for you to do it.

Turning Vegetarian.

While it’s not always the case, some people will want to change their lifestyle entirely.

You can pick up emotions and energies from all creatures, not only humans.

You can also pick up the energies from animals.

That’s why you are no longer interested in consuming meat anymore.

Not only you can sense their fear and worry, but somehow you can also experience negative energy transferred to you upon consumption.

This is the main reason why you choose not to consume meat and become a vegetarian.

Final Words on the 7 Unique Characteristics of An Awakened Soul

Well, those are the 7 Unique Characteristics of an Awakening Soul.

If you are able to tune into these signs and really open your eyes, these characteristics would be stronger and more visible.

Don’t be afraid. Embrace the change!