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A Narcissist Does not Want You to Know These 7 Things

Narcissists are very deceitful people. They’re experts at gas lighting people around them, make people think that they are subpar…

By Moses , in Empathy Healing , at November 16, 2020

Narcissists are very deceitful people. They’re experts at gas lighting people around them, make people think that they are subpar or mediocre compared to the narcissist. This kind of personal characteristic is very sick to the level in which the person extremely lacks empathy, selfish, and wants special treatment so badly.

The narcissist expect people to envy their accomplishments, even if when they literally accomplish nothing. Attention and honor from others are like oxygen to them. Therefore, narcissistic people are very arrogant toward people around them. But the funny part is, a lot of people may still admire them. This is due to their manipulative tendencies since they are very good at influencing others.

The narcissists feel very hungry to attention and tribute. Therefore, they hate it when people are trying to uncover their true selves because it means they will soon run out of attention and narcissistic supplies. They don’t like any act from people that will throw away their honor, such as by pointing out their slightest fault. At the very least, here are seven things that the narcissists don’t want you to know.

Their Own Fault.

The common proverb that we often heard about “fault” is that everyone made mistakes at some point in their lives.

No one is so perfect that they never felt they had done something wrong in their lives, except for narcissists. Though narcissists actually have done wrong, they just never want to admit their mistake. They do wrong because they feel it is the right thing to do. Other than that, they just don’t want other people to know their mistakes. Otherwise, they will feel humiliated; after all, they’re so perfect, how come they made any mistakes?

Even when the mistake is so clear that it is impossible to hide it from others, the narcissists still try to avoid the blame by pointing out their mistakes to others. They will exaggerate people’s faults by commenting on their mistakes aggressively. Hence, the group is distracted by their act.

Their True Intention.

Since narcissist only care about themselves and always themselves whatever the condition is, they tend to make friends with others only when the relation is benefiting from their point of view. Therefore, the narcissists don’t want their so-called “friends” know their true intention is for using them.

Narcissists will only become friends with people when they see them useful to reach their mission. When they think that the goal has been accomplished, they will dump you in a pile of rubbish, and then they will move on to the next “prey” to accomplish another goal.

Narcissist Hate Critics.

As I said, a narcissist hate a lot when people unmask them and expose their mistakes. They don’t want someone to discard them just like what they usually do to others. Narcissistic people tend to get hurt very easily when people just do the same to them. Their weakness is their deep feeling of hatred toward others and their capability to do things on their own. Therefore, they use others to accomplish their goals, and they always avoid being embarrassed in front of people.

Narcissist can’t take critics and feedback; they just think that they’re more superior than others. For them, people are lower than them so that they don’t have any rights to criticize someone superior like the narcissist.

They Don’t Want You to Realize that You are Powerful.

Narcissists try very hard to humiliate others so that other people will value narcissists higher than them. The narcissists don’t want you to realize that you are more powerful than you ever imagine. Narcissists don’t want people to recognize their true strength which is able to subdue the narcissists whenever it takes.

The question is, how the narcissists do that? They will keep humiliating you with illogical mistakes that you actually never do before. And when you want to speak with the narcissist about what they have done to you, they will just avoid the topic and switch to another.

The Narcissist Doesn’t Want You to Know Your Talent.

The sad truth is, narcissistic people have very low self-esteem. That is why they keep humiliating people around them so that people will think they’re inferior, and thus, unable to notice that they’re actually good enough. Narcissists will try to manipulate you into thinking that you can’t do anything without the narcissist’s help. But actually, you’re more than capable of doing things on your own.

This is what the narcissists don’t want you to realize. When you realize your true strength and skill, the narcissists may lose the veneration that is previously given to them. This condition will scare them to death since honor and veneration from people are oxygen to them.

The Narcissist Don’t Like Being Compared.

Narcissists are very pleased to be able, or at least, feel above every people in all way. They will use their gaslighting skill to make others feel insecure, and thus, it makes them feel secure in return. Because of this tendency, they hate when people compare them to others in such a way that makes them feel insecure.

When the narcissists feel insecure, they will resort to any means including humiliating the people who compare them. They will point out every chaos that happens to them with an illogical simple mistake that you have done, all to make them feel secure. They turn this simple mistake and make it looks so serious, and thus, make you feel cornered. In short, you can’t beat them in their own game.

Their Lack of Self-Awareness.

Narcissists are very lack of self-awareness. They can’t express their true feelings to the people around them. They don’t want people to see their true weakness that is hidden deep in their hearts. The narcissists only want to talk about their abilities and accomplishments, as if they don’t have any flaws. They always want to dominate the topic, as if they’re the “Know it all.”

But when it comes to talking about their feelings, they will suddenly stop. They don’t want you to know a lot about their secret, and thus, they avoid every conversation related to their feelings. It is because narcissists lack self-awareness, and they can’t comprehend the deep feelings that span inside their hearts.

Well, those are the 7 things narcissists don’t want you to know.