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7 Struggles Introverted Empaths Have To Go Through

Introverts are people who prefer calm and minimally stimulating environments. On the other hand, empaths are people who have a keen ability to sense what other people around them are thinking and feeling.

By Moses , in Empathy , at July 25, 2020

Introverts are people who prefer calm and minimally stimulating environments. On the other hand, empaths are people who have a keen ability to sense what other people around them are thinking and feeling. So, what happens if you’re an introverted empath? If you already know what it means to be an empath or an introvert, then I bet you also understand what it is like to be an introverted empath, right? Therefore, it would make sense that Introverted empaths also experience the world differently compared to the rest of us. While being an empath may feel like you’re carrying the burden of the world, on the bright side, it’s that you have immense potential and limitless energy to help others.

Your introverted nature makes you more reserved and selective on how you’re going to spend your precious time and energy. While empaths might randomly absorb energy of their surroundings, an introverted empath will be more selective on how they will respond to it, which makes it a better balance.

However, being deeply empathetic and seriously introverted at the same time, you might have often felt alone, like nobody has ever understood you; and the burden of the world that you carry on your shoulders.

Well, maybe that’s what you think. But in fact, you’re never alone. There are many more like you in this world, and they also struggle like you are. You just need to find your angle and be proud of who you are. Self-improvement is a daily routine for everyone who strives to be better.

So, here are some struggles that introverted empaths have to go through every day

Getting overwhelmed and exhausted is like a daily struggle.

Just like most empaths, an introvert empath also finds it difficult to filter or push-back when it comes to experiencing the feelings of others. Therefore, they get easily overwhelmed by loud noises and busy social environments.

With such characteristics, empaths are prone to anxiety, especially social anxiety, which sometimes leads to depression. That’s why all empaths need to train their empathic ability so that they can cope with any kind of situation. It also includes the necessary treatments when you do suffer from an anxiety attack. So, feel free to check the link in the description if you wish to find a better treatment for anxiety.

Talking is hard, most of the time:

Imagine that you’ve always been fine being alone by yourself all these years, it’s understandable that you won’t need anyone’s help to solve your little puzzle. But honestly, it deeply affects your ability to speak as clearly as you would like to. By the time you have to go out and interact with people, you find that shallow small talk is really daunting and you’d rather spend your time diving in your small little world (which is your head) to avoid it altogether.

Introverted empaths find it difficult to let others into thier life:

Introverted empaths are extremely cautious when it comes to love and trusting others. It is because of their high levels of sensitivity, which allow them to sense other people’s emotions. So, despite their loving and caring personality, getting to the good side of an empath can be challenging as well, especially when they already went through something terrible in the past. If they’ve ever met a toxic person in their life before, chances are that they will become more secretive and private, which makes it even harder to approach them.

People tend to take advantage of you:

One major setback of the introverted empath is their tendency to attract negative people where ever they go.

People tend to take advantage of them due to their strong capability and willingness to understand and help others. Their good nature is what makes them like a magnet for negative people.

You try your best to understand others:

Most empaths tend to believe they’re gifted with the ability to fix the world problems, which is clearly not the case. In the process, they try to help and understand others as much as possible, but they often forget about their feelings and how to make themselves happy.

Remember my friend; it’s important to give privilege to yourself and do something that makes you happy. You have to learn to separate your own feelings and those of others so that you can cope with the situations better. This way, you will be able to help others as much as you see fit, without sacrificing your own well being.

Introverted empaths are prone to depressive mood swings:

Sometimes, your mood swing is unbearable thanks to your ability to absorb all kinds of emotions in your surroundings. As an introvert, you may suddenly become unsociable and quiet, but sometimes you also feel deeply emotional when you can’t really hold the feelings in anymore.

People often come to you for help, not relationship nor friendship:

If you’re willing to listen to what people say, care about them, and even help them in solving their problems, people are bound to come to you.

It doesn’t matter if they know you hardly at all, they come at you hoping that you will help them solve their problems. Since you genuinely care, you will try to give your best to help these people, even though they will just disappear after. This sometimes can be frustrating; you might be trapped in a one-sided relationship where you always give your best but never receive anything near the same in return.

Well, those are some struggles every introverted empath has to go through every day