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7 Signs That You’re A Starseed With A Mission To Help Others

If you feel like there’s a higher calling to your life, here are the signs you’re a Starseed with a…

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If you feel like there’s a higher calling to your life, here are the signs you’re a Starseed with a mission to help others.

Do you sometimes feel like you’re from another planet? It may seem absurd, but it’s believed that Starseeds are a soul that comes from different stars, other planets, solar systems, or galaxies.

So, regardless of your belief, let’s dive deeper and learn more about Starseeds.

For starters, Starseed (Star Seed) is a highly developed soul sent to earth to help bring new knowledge and wisdom to increase planetary awareness.

Because they come from a different star, the Starseed carries a very different aura or vibration that allows them to access certain information, not from this world.

This information usually holds clues about ways to advance the planet and create new technology.

Well, if you feel special or out of this world, here are several signs that you’re a Starseed with a mission to help others in this world.

1. Extremely Advanced in Academic Aspects

Starseed children are said to have advantages in many ways compared to other children. Some of them excel academically so that these children may immediately be educated at a higher level than children their age.

Most importantly, parents with children having this nature should encourage and hone these abilities rather than making them feel strange,  stressed out, and imperfect.

2. More creative – Signs That You’re A Starseed With A Mission To Help Others

Starseed children are usually more creative compared to other children of the same age. They are also innovative and have the ability to solve problems that adults may not possess.

Starseed children can also see or think about something that is utterly unimaginable by others. They can solve problems, both personal problems and broader problems.

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3. More Sensitive Intuition

Other characteristics of Starseed children are that they can listen, control, and solve problem situations appropriately.

Investigations have been conducted on Starseed children who are asked to answer math questions without studying them first. It was observed that without difficulty, they could do it right.

However, they simply guessed the correct answer. This reinforces the assumption that Starseed children can use their intuitive abilities more deeply.

Starseed children also have high empathy and are sensitive to what’s happening around them. 

4. Hard Nature Tendency- Signs That You’re A Starseed With A Mission To Help Others

Most Starseed children have characters that may sound extreme. For example, they’re irritable, have a stubborn temper, excess energy, and always want to be treated fairly/equally like every other normal person.

Parents with this kind of child are often required to be more patient with them.

In psychology, Starseed children are referred to as very sensitive children. Research shows that as many as 15 percent of all children are classified as very sensitive children.

Their sensitivity is not only emotionally but also physically, i.e., bright light or noise can disturb them.

5. Feeling Excessive Pain Sometimes

Starseed children most times strain themselves emotionally, mentally, and even physically. This could be due to their psychic and highly intuitive nature. Due to this, they experience excruciating pains such as severe headaches, stomach aches, and more.

6. Extensive Sight and Hearing- Signs That You’re A Starseed With A Mission To Help Others

Uniquely, they also have the ability to hear and see above normal. Usually, Starseed children have larger pupils than most children generally.

They have sharper eyes, and they tend to have supernatural abilities to see other dimensions that ordinary people can’t see.

7. Having a Tendency and Will to Change the Whole World

Deep in their hearts, the Starseed people feel the driving force to create positive change globally and know that their destiny is to change the world.

Every time Starseed people see or hear violence, destruction, and cruelty, they feel sad and angry.

They may have difficulty working in teams or for others and work better when they’re working alone. Starseed people find it difficult to obey rules, especially when the authority is problematic, illogical, or outdated.

While their idealist nature can be a positive trait, it can also bring disadvantages, such as making them too critical or demanding.

Starseed people find it difficult to be near too many people at once and often prefer to spend time alone.