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7 Signs Of A Free-Spirited Woman

Do you want to know if you’re a free-spirited woman? Here are some signs of a free-spirited woman you need…

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Do you want to know if you’re a free-spirited woman? Here are some signs of a free-spirited woman you need to look out for.

Free spirits defy any known definition.

In truth, they are different things, so how do we tag them?

Well, we all know and agree that they are one thing which is “always doing things their way.”

Generally, men are known as rule-breakers, the stubborn ones with their self will. When women break the rules, it seems a lot different.

Women, too, are free spirits; it seems rare but true.

Let’s see seven traits that make you know a free-spirited woman:

1. Independence

This is one of the most important signs of a spirited woman.

The picture of a woman is always a maiden in distress waiting for her Knight in Shining Armour to save the day. However, the free Spirited Woman is not that woman who waits on a man or other people to do things for her.

She is strongly independent and proud of it. It does not mean she’s rebellious, and It does not mean she doesn’t like to listen to others.

The point here is that she does not wait for people to always do things for her. She knows what she wants and stops at nothing to achieve it.

Also, she doesn’t always have to follow all that people say. Even though she listens to them, she thinks thoroughly and goes with what is best for her.

2. Blunt- Signs of A Free-Spirited Woman

A free-spirited woman speaks her mind anytime anyway.

Her opinions may, of course, not be the popular ones.

However, she is not afraid to say it always. If others get the chance to talk she also wants to share her views and she does so confidently.

She makes her point known.

Also, she doesn’t see the need to sugar-coat her words to suit people or to fit in. If she does not like something, she says it, and that is.

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3. Life is all about the experience

She wants to experience life—more than what people see. More than what she sees or hears, she wants to experience and know what to learn from life.

Of course, there will be good and bad experiences, but she is not scared of facing them.

For her, life is more about the experience than acquiring properties or living in a certain status.

So do not expect her to be tied in any place for too long.

4. Usually not committed to one thing in life

This is also one of the interesting signs of a free-spirited woman.

To a free-spirited woman, life is flexible. That is why you never find her committed to one thing for a long time.

She stays on something for a while, gets the needed experience, and moves off to something new and different.

If you want her to follow only one job, have only one passion, be in a long-term relationship, or have only one friend, you will be expecting too much.

To her, variety is the spice of life.

5. Can not be tamed- Signs of A Free-Spirited Woman

This is also one of the many signs of a free-spirited woman you can’t afford to miss.

A free-spirited woman cannot be boxed into one mold or live by rules. She will break free.

She is divergent.

Also, she doesn’t live by one rule; instead, she sees life from different angles and experiences constantly changing her beliefs.

6. Time is limitless

Never in a rush. She takes her time to do things. She can be lost in a moment and spend hours upon hours trying to understand a concept fully.

Also, she does not feel hindered by time. To the free-spirited woman, time is now, and she sees it as a limited asset to use at will.

7. Learning is a lifelong process- Signs of A Free-Spirited Woman

Life is all about learning. And every day is an opportunity to learn something new.

That is why she is very spontaneous and loves variety because she learns new and different things.