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6 Things A True Narcissist Will Never Do

There are some things a true narcissist will never do. Read on to find out what they are. In a…

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There are some things a true narcissist will never do. Read on to find out what they are.

In a bid to live a happier life with one another, there are things that healthy people see as mandatory to do with each other that can help to bring love and unity and growth to a group.

However, to the narcissist, these things are a no-do. They play by different rules from which other healthy people play.

Some of those things that healthy people do that the narcissist never does are;


This is one of the most common things that the narcissist will never do. This, though, is peculiar with the narcissist. Most people find it challenging to apologize after they hurt someone.

However, that of the narcissist is in excess because they never apologize, and this is because they never see wrong in anything they do. This happens even when they are in the wrong.

Rather than apologizing, they look for ways to push the blame unto someone else or give flimsy excuses to gratify the reason for their irrational behavior. 

Take Responsibility – Things A True Narcissist Will Never Do

I don’t think there is anything that the narcissist hates, like responsibility. This is because they have built their identity against real feelings of invalidation.

For that reason, they are intensely sensitive to shame and blame. This triggers the narcissist’s threat of being exposed to criticism, so they do all they can to make sure that they avoid it at all costs.

They won’t waste time shifting whatever responsibility it is to another person, especially people closer to them.


A narcissist knows deep in the heart about his/her low self-esteem problems. Due to this, the narcissist is scared of his/her shadow.

This shadow is their true self, which happens to be irreplaceably damaged and whose feelings of inadequacy they continuously have to overcompensate for.

To the narcissist, self-reflection is a dangerous territory that has to be avoided at all costs because its content can cause a severe breakdown in their defense system.

This is one reason why they hate therapy sessions, honest communications and will never accept anything that has to do with accountability.

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Forgive- Things A True Narcissist Will Never Do

The same reason makes the narcissist never apologize, and it is that same reason that makes him never forgive. The narcissist is always looking for ways to hold you down in his trap, and when you offend him, he sees that as an opportunity to guilt-trip you.

To the narcissist, life is a war zone, and he has to fight for his survival. They see every hurt as a cause for retaliation and revenge.

Act Selflessly

Acting selflessly is the opposite of narcissism. This is so because the narcissist does not have empathy and an inflated sense of entitlement, therefore acting selflessly is not in his dictionary.

Everything the narcissist does is for himself. He will never do anything that he has no direct benefit from.

The narcissist on a perfect day has nothing to offer to you, so how do they give out what they do not have. The only thing that certainly matters to them is their survival.

Show Their Genuine Emotions- Things A True Narcissist Will Never Do

The only thing that the narcissist is after is his/her survival, which comes from their victims’ attention. Due to this, they never show their real emotions.

Narcissists lack self-awareness and fail to understand the raw feelings that drive their conduct and the nerve to make themselves defenseless enough to share those feelings. The narcissist survives on natural survival instinct.