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6 Signs You’re Experiencing A Karmic Lesson

There are certain signs that tell you’re experiencing a karmic lesson. “What goes around comes around”, “what you reap you…

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There are certain signs that tell you’re experiencing a karmic lesson.

“What goes around comes around”, “what you reap you sow”, “the evil that men do lives with them, not after them anymore”. These are all statements that buttress the existence of “karma”– the ideology that every action has aftermath or consequences attached.

For those who feel that there are no consequences for the actions we do in life, well, I have news for you; every step you take in life has its consequences.

These consequences can either turn out to be positive or negative. Also, every time you do something, especially if that thing is negative, there must always be a karmic lesson to be learned, but so many people don’t realize it when experiencing one.

Luckily, here are six signs you could use as clues that show you’re experiencing a karmic lesson

1. Events Repeat Patterns.-Signs You’re Experiencing A Karmic Lesson

One of the easiest signs that tell you’re experiencing a karmic lesson is when events happening around you tend to have the same patterns.

If you seem to have the same kinds of problems in most of the things you do, be it in your relationship, business, and even career, when this happens, you notice that everything becomes stagnant, and there is no way to move forward.

If you see this kind of scenario in your life, then it’s an obvious sign that you are experiencing a karmic lesson.

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2. Events are Controlling.

Have you ever been in a situation where you have no control over what is happening around you or in your life?

You try to go left, but it’s so tight that you’re forced to take on the only available route, which might not be what you want. This is what a karmic lesson does to a person.

It forces you to go the way you might not like because it wants you to realize something you’re missing. When you notice that you’re not always going according to plan, I believe you should sit down and ask yourself where you might have faltered because karma is about teaching you a lesson.

3. People Feel Destined in Your Life. – Signs You’re Experiencing A Karmic Lesson

When karma wants to teach you a lesson in your life, it brings someone into your life that will make you think that you can’t live without them.

When you meet this person, you would feel that you’re meant to be together, but things will never go according to how you envisioned it when the relationship starts.

Everything will seem to be failing no matter how hard you try to make things work, and you will keep trying and hoping that it will work out because you’re already trapped in the belief that you can’t live without this person.

You’re drawn continuously into this person until you learn your lesson.

4. Events Bring Out Your Worst Fears.

There are times when events occur in your life, and they bring out the worst fears in you. During these times, you begin to wonder if you will survive the storm you’re experiencing.

You fear so many things, and sometimes it leads to sleeplessness. You start to look for solutions, but they seem very far from you.

This is because karma is trying to teach you a lesson, and until you learn it, you’ll find it difficult to solve that problem.

5. Your Partner Becomes Irrational.

When karma wants to teach you a lesson, they turn even your closest allies against you so that you can feel the weight of the lesson very well. You can see this in your partner becoming irrational, thus making you start acting unlike yourself and doing the things you would not do ordinarily.

6. Life Reveals Your Darkest Side.

Some people don’t know the extent to which they can act in certain conditions. However, when you’re experiencing a karmic lesson, you’re often pushed to the wall so that you can identify the most undesirable and difficult traits that you never knew about.

Karmic lessons painfully remind you of how human you are.